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Get Connected newsletter promoGood Friday morning Parents,

I hope that you are doing well today. Thank you to all who prayed for Abby, Lynlee, and me as we have battled the stomach bug this past week. We had family in town this week so they helped out a lot even though my nephew got the sickness as well. It is amazing how it can start with little Lynlee, and spread throughout so many people. Thanks again for your prayers, we are all getting over it and feeling much better today.

Here is some information that you need to be aware of:

Information Corner:.

Quiet Time Booklets: Parents, we have heard only positive feedback regarding the recent quiet time change. We will continue the quiet time booklets through the month of May, and evaluate once again how effective they are being. I have attached this week’s Quiet Time to this email. Would you consider doing the Quiet Time lessons with your kids? I am a bit fan of family devotions. Here are the lessons that I will be teaching on during the month of April, and the quiet time booklets will be regarding each lesson:

April 3– Creation vs. Evolution (Everything was created by God’s spoken word)

April 10– Consequences of sin

April 17NO GROVE– Teens Involved Service in main auditorium

April 24– Spiritual Growth requires faith

May 1– God’s will may include hardships

Teens Involved Practice Times: If your student signed up for puppets, they must be in the auditorium at 5:00 pm on Sunday afternoons for practice. This practice is every week. If your student has signed up to participate in drama, we have practice every Wednesday afternoon. The JR high practices until 4:00 until 4:30 pm every Wednesday, and the SR high practices until 4:30 until 5:00 pm every Wednesday. If you are unsure at what your student signed up for, please check the attached list, and that will tell you. It is important that you have your student there on time for practice.

Our Upcoming Events: 

  • April 4-6 – Student Summit – Everyone’s completed payment must be in by Wednesday, April 3rd. If your student wants to participate in paintball while we are there, it cost an extra $5 for paint balls each time they participate. So, bring extra money, and there is a separate waiver attached to this email that parents must fill out for your student to participate. There is a registration form for everyone to fill out attached to this email as well as a medical form. Please fill these documents out and turn them into Pastor Josh by Wednesday, April 3rd!
  • April 7 – Pizza Party – This is for all of those who maintained 4 out of the 7 days a week for the month of March in their new Quiet Time booklets. This will be after the evening service in the gymnasium. We will have pizza, and play games in the gym. It is going to be tons of fun. Encourage your students to do their devotions, and get this free pizza party.
  • April 14 – Meeting with those going to Alpine Bible Camp – This meeting will be held after the evening service. If you have a teenager going to camp this summer, we need you at this meeting to discuss money and fund-raisers.
  • April 17 – No Grove – This is the night where we do Teens Involved in the main church at UG. Come and support your students!
  • April 19-20 – Regional Teens Involved – Leaders, if I have given you a specific responsibility for Teens Involved, please begin working and getting with the students to assist on that.  April is coming up quickly, and it is important that we start getting these students ready!
  • July 8-13 – Alpine Bible Camp – On July 8-13, we will be changing the location of youth camp. For years, we have attended Word of Life Camp in Hudson, FL, and we are going to change that up and attend Alpine camp in West Virginia. It is closer and less expensive so hopefully many of your students can attend. Let me encourage you to make this a priority for your student. I understand that we are busy, but this can be a life changing and extremely fun event for your student, and they will come back different from when they went. The cost is $250.00 per student, and leaders can go for $100.00. Activities include white water rafting, paintball, rope climbing, rock climbing, and much more. Hope your student makes plans to attend. R.S.V.P. via facebook here! We will have a meeting with all families interested in sending their students to camp on Sunday night, April 14. Please make plans to attend!!
  • July 25-27 – Love our City – We are combining the “Love our City” and “Operation Getaway” events together this year. This will be an opportunity to serve in our community as well as have a lot of fun. More information to come as we get closer.

I am trying to keep you as informed as possible! I hope that this newsletter helps you. Remember to contact your students outside of Wednesday night’s every single week. This is extremely important in seeing life change in the lives of the students. It is through relationships. I pray for you regularly, and love serving with you. If you ever need anything, let me know. We are always here to assist you guys in ministering and in life in general.

In His Service,

Josh Evans

Student Pastor, Union Grove Baptist Church

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W: 336-764-2103 C: 336-953-6427 F: 336-764-8657


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