Ways to Connect the Home and the Youth Ministry

way to connect the home and the youth ministry blog post


I shared a recent post on this subject, but I want to share some more thoughts and ideas that may help youth pastors really engage the home into the student ministry. I say to our leaders and parents all of the time, “partner, partner, partner.” This is a motto for us, and we try to make our ministry reflect that motto. Here are some ways that you can connect the two together instead of keeping them separate:



  1. Welcome them into your Ministry– Do not have a habit of allowing parents to drop kids off for everything. Invite them to worship with the youth group and invite them on youth ministry events as chaperon’s  Parents must know that they are welcomed and invited to join your ministry.
  2. Send Weekly Emails– These emails are meant to encourage, to inform, but to equip the parents. I share a weekly blog post or resource that can help them parent their teenagers. I also inform them about everything going on in the student ministry on a regular basis in the weekly email.
  3. Send encouraging text messages– They must know that you are praying for them regularly. Send an encouraging and motivating text to your parents every now and then.
  4. Inform them regularly on what you are teaching– They need to know so they can address and pray specifically for their student.
  5. Connect them with your student ministry quiet time– Recently, we started writing daily devotions for our students that go along with our youth group sermons, and the parents are doing them as well. Some of them are having family devotions as a group.

Those are just a few quick things that you can do to connect the youth ministry and the home together!

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