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Get Connected newsletter promoGood Friday morning to you,

I hope that you are doing well on this Friday morning. I hope that you have had a great week, and I am sure that you are looking forward to the weekend. I appreciate all that you do, and thanks for being faithful in allowing your students to be a regular part of the Grove student ministry.

Information Corner:

One Change you need to be aware of: This past week, we passed out the brand new QUIET TIME booklets for our students. I also provided them for parents as well. I have heard some positive feedback from parents who are doing the devotions with their students and discussing what they are learning. This is a fantastic way to build relationships with your kids, and to disciple them. I have attached the quiet time booklet to this email. You can also check the facebook page here to do them online. Also, the Wednesday night sermons will go along with the devotionals starting this Wednesday night. We will be looking at the Gospel. What is the Gospel, do we really have to change because of the Gospel, how to know for sure that we are saved, and how does the Gospel look in everyday life. Those are the 4 sermons that we will be teaching during the month of March. Please pray for this series, and that students would be saved, and also doubt would be washed away!

What we are Learning: Parents, I had Travis Hartman speak this past Wednesday. Travis is a youth leader and an excellent speaker. The students love Travis. He spoke on trials and storms that come into our lives. He did a fantastic job at encouraging the teenagers to look to God during trials, and realize that trials come into our lives to make us more like Jesus. I encourage you to ask your students what they are learning on Wednesday nights in the Grove.

Our Featured Article: I want to share some information about an app that was released toward the end of January. The app is called, “Bang with Friends.” The name speaks for itself. It is a free app in the Google market (not yet with Iphone). The app connects with your facebook account, and you select friends in your facebook that you would like to bang (have sex with). The other person will never know about it unless they have the app, and select you. When two people anonymously select each other, it notifies each, and hooks them up. Then, people can fall into sexual immorality. It is unreal how disgusting and immoral our world is becoming. If you want to read more on the app, go here. That links you to an article that Austin McCann wrote about it. Parents, let me challenge you that apps can be dangerous. If your student has a phone or tablet where they can get apps, it is important because of the danger some apps can cause for us as parents to check the apps regularly on our students’ phones and tablets.

Our Upcoming Events: 

  • April 4-6 – Student Summit – I must have a $20.00 deposit in by this Sunday, March 3rd.
  • April 7 – Pizza Party – This is for all of those who maintained 4 out of the 7 days a week for the month of March in their new Quiet Time booklets. This will be after the evening service in the gymnasium. We will have pizza, and play games in the gym. It is going to be tons of fun. Encourage your students to do their devotions, and get this free pizza party.
  • April 19-20 – Regional Teens Involved – We have already began sign ups for Teens Involved. Teens Involved is a program that we do each year to train and develop the spiritual gifts of our students so that they can use them in the local church! I am challenging every student to sign up for at least 1 entry for Teens Involved! They will compete at Piedmont International University on Saturday, April 20th. If they sign up for quizzing, they will compete on Friday, April 19th. The only competition for that Friday is quizzing, everything else will be held on Saturday. The total cost for regional T.I. is $10 per person (lunch included).
  • June 8 – Trampoline Park Event – This is for all students. We will be going to the Trampoline Park in Winston-Salem for an evening of fun and bouncing (Corny, I know). More information coming soon, but save the date.
  • July 8-13 – Youth Camp – On July 8-13, we will be changing the location of youth camp. For years, we have attended Word of Life Camp in Hudson, FL, and we are going to change that up and attend Alpine camp in West Virginia. It is closer and less expensive so hopefully many of your students can attend. Let me encourage you to make this a priority for your student. I understand that we are busy, but this can be a life changing and extremely fun event for your student, and they will come back different from when they went. The cost is $250.00 per student, and leaders can go for $100.00. Activities include white water rafting, paintball, rope climbing, rock climbing, and much more. Hope your student makes plans to attend. R.S.V.P. via facebook here!

We are trying to keep you as informed as possible and keep the cost as low as possible. You can download the 2013 calendars for your computer by clicking here. I hope that this helps you. If you ever have questions or want quick information regarding the Grove, check out our facebook page or check out the website here. You can also follow us on twitter (@ugbcgrove) for instant information regarding the Grove. We love and appreciate you. We count it a privilege to partner with you this year. If you have any questions about our student ministry, please contact Pastor Josh anytime with the info provided below.

In His Service,

Josh Evans

Student Pastor, Union Grove Baptist Church

Web: Blog:

W: 336-764-2103 C: 336-953-6427 F: 336-764-8657

Connect with Josh:

2 thoughts on “Get Connected- Weekly Grove Newsletter [Parent Edition]

  1. Josh,

    Thanks for sharing my post about the “Bang with Friends” app. Crazy to think our students have access to something like this. Parents, keep an eye and control what your children do with their phones.


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