The Top Dont’s of Social Media


Here are some quick dont’s about social media:

  1. Don’t Post when you are angry– This is obvious, but so many people do this. When a teenager is upset with another, you can tell on facebook or twitter. It is the same way with adults. When a parent is upset at one of their kids’ teachers, you can tell via facebook. Come on, when you are angry, you will more than likely post things that you will later regret
  2. Don’t post before reading through it again– Have you ever posted something, and then realized you forgot to proofread your post? Proofread it for grammatical issues if nothing else.
  3. Don’t post without thinking of the consequences Ask yourself, will this upset someone? Can I get in trouble for what I am about to post? How will people take this post? These are questions that must be answered in your mind before you send the post. These questions may save you much discipline and hassle from others.
  4. Don’t post if you know it is not glorifying to God– We are commanded in I Corinthians 10:31 to do everything for God’s glory. Make sure that post glories God. By the way, this goes for RT’s as well on twitter. Everything that we post should bring glory to God, and not the other way around.
  5. Don’t post every moment of your day– This is a personal pet peeve, but seriously be careful about posting every single thing that you do at every single point of your day. I post a lot (a whole lot), but try to be careful that you do not post too much for your followers to just get annoyed.

6 thoughts on “The Top Dont’s of Social Media

  1. Couldn’t agree more! I cringe when I see people vomit their “junk” onto social media outlets. When I had an emotional e-mail/post or whatever I have tried to practice a 24 hour rule where I wait to post. If I am over it then I will delete the post.

  2. Josh,

    Great practical tips man. I know something that has worked for me is to stop, think, and re-read something right before I post it. Many times that have stopped me from posting a tweet or Facebook status. Here is a great blog post along the same lines as what you wrote that is a good read as well:


    1. Russell, I appreciate the input and the share. Yeah I agree man, students need to learn to be careful and not RT something or post something funny from a disgusting or profane source.

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