Important Ski Retreat Information

***Important Ski Retreat Information****

Due to the weather that is supposed to consist of ice and snow tomorrow, we will leave the church at 8:00 am on Friday morning (Tomorrow morning), and return at 8:00 pm to the church tomorrow evening. If you cannot attend, please let me know asap, and you will receive a refund! As far as the Union Grove Christian school kids, Mr. Steinhaus has approved this absence.

What to bring: Jacket, several layers of clothes, change of clothes for travel weather, quarters for lockers at resort to put your stuff in, spending money for fast food for lunch and dinner

Weather: Cold. The weather will be high teens or low 20s, and windy. It is important to dress in layers, and plan for very cold. Snow is in the forecast tomorrow at Winterplace. We hopefully as we return, will miss the majority of the snow coming into West Virginia tomorrow evening. Plus the snow here is supposed to stop by 4-5 pm which means hopefully everything will be clear by the time we travel back.

Bus Note: Snacks are fine (& we will provide some snacks for the lodge). We will be taking the new bus, and there will be no food or drinks on the bus of any kind. If you want to bring snacks and drinks, they must be in your bag, and cannot be taken out or opened on the bus.

Lunch: We will stop for fast food on the way up to Winterplace, and on the way back! Bring enough money for both meals.

Thank you for your cooperation. I have sought wise counsel and prayed hard over this decision. It has been such an agonizing decision. I feel that this is best for the students and adult volunteers. It is important that you let me know what your plans are of going or not going so that I can inform Winterplace of our exact numbers before we arrive. I can assure you that all safety precautions will be taken on our trip, and that we will make what we believe are the best decisions for traveling as well. If you have any further questions, please contact me on my cell phone at anytime or through email.

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