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20120803-123304.jpgGood Friday morning to you,

I hope that you are doing well on this Friday morning and enjoying the snow! It was not as much as they said that it was going to be, but snow still brings me excitement.

Well, we are back at it with this edition of, “Get Connected.” Here is some information that you need to be aware of:

Our Featured Article: As I continue in student ministry, I am amazed at the culture of sex that this world has become. It is everywhere. You cannot go to the mall, watch a television show or commercials, watch a movie, or drive down the road without being bombarded with sexual content. We as believers see the world this way, but I have been shocked at the sexual content that I am finding in our own youth group. I am shocked with the perversion found on our own Grove students’ facebook pages. I saw recently a picture on a young ladies facebook page making a joke with a diagram about a man’s private part. I hate to be crude, but this stuff needs to be pointed out, and we must gain control over these types of situations. I also spoke with a guy recently on the phone who said that casual kissing is not a big deal to him, and means nothing to him. These are “church” kids. These are not the kids out in the world who we think we need to protect our own kids from. These are kids who attend the Grove. Parents, let’s be real and honest with ourselves that our own teenagers can struggle with these things, and we must keep tabs on them to prevent them from damaging their spiritual life as well as their future spouse’s spiritual life as well. I already pray every day WITH Lynlee before she goes to bed that God would protect her, and keep her pure, but that He would also protect and keep pure her future spouse as well. So, how can we help our kids not enter into sexual mistakes when we are surrounded by it? Check out this article on the causes of sex, and maybe we need to be careful at what we allow our kids to be watching and listening too! Read the article here.

Our Featured Event: This week’s featured event is the ski retreat! If your student has not signed up to attend, they need to do so by this Sunday! The cost for tubing is $28, for skiing it is $36, and for snowboarding it is $55. We will leave the church at 11:30 am on Friday, January 25th and return to the church at 2:00 am on Saturday morning, January 26th. Each parent needs to have their student be picked up (please do not rely on our volunteers to take your kids home). Each student will need to eat lunch before we leave, because we are not planning on stopping. Students need to bring a change of clothes, quarters for a locker in the resort if need be, warm clothes for being in the snow, gloves, spending money, and money for dinner on the way home at a fast food restaurant. If you have not paid and signed up, you need to do so by this Sunday! R.S.V.P. here via facebook and show us how excited you are about the trip!! J

Our Upcoming Events: 

  • January 25-26 – Ski Retreat – We will leave at 11:30 am, and drive to Winterplace Ski Resort. Then, we will return Saturday morning to the church at approximately 2:00 am. You can tube for $28 per person. You can ski for $36 per person (lift ticket, rentals, and lessons included), and you snowboard for $55 per person (lift ticket, rentals, and lessons included). You can download a registration form here. R.S.V.P. here via facebook, but you must be paid by this Sunday. For more information regarding the ski retreat, check out the info above on “Our Featured Event.”
  • January 27 – Small Group Leader Meeting – This meeting is very important for all small group leaders to attend! The meeting will be held after the evening service in the fellowship hall. Refreshments will be served, and it will be free. All leaders are encouraged to attend, and childcare will be provided. We will be going over some important changes, vision, and event information for the upcoming year. Make plans to attend!
  • February 8-9 – Checkpoint Leadership Conference – This is a conference that the Grove leaders will be attending. I would love to have as many of you as possible attend this conference. I am extending the registration deadline to Wednesday, January 16th. The cost is $25 per person, and this includes refreshments and conference cost for both days. You will receive a nice lunch on Saturday, BTW. We will come home on Friday, and return on Saturday morning. If you want more information, visit the facebook page by clicking here.
  • April 4-6 – Student Summit – This is a youth conference in Jacksonville, Florida. You can get out of school for this event, and parents, I highly encourage you to allow your student to attend. This can be a life changing event! We were able to attend 2 years ago, and God worked in some incredible ways. (More info coming soon) BTW: This is held at a college so you can get college day credits for skipping school. The total cost for this event is $65 per person! We will need leaders so please plan to come leaders, if possible!
  • April 19-20 – Regional Teens Involved – We have already began sign ups for Teens Involved. Teens Involved is a program that we do each year to train and develop the spiritual gifts of our students so that they can use them in the local church! I am challenging every student to sign up for at least 1 entry for Teens Involved! They will compete at Piedmont International University on Saturday, April 20th. If they sign up for quizzing, they will compete on Friday, April 19th. The only competition for that Friday is quizzing, everything else will be held on Saturday. The total cost for regional T.I. is $10 per person (lunch included).
  • July 8-13 – Youth Camp – On July 8-13, we will be changing the location of youth camp. For years, we have attended Word of Life Camp in Hudson, FL, and we are going to change that up and attend Alpine camp in West Virginia. It is closer and less expensive so hopefully many of your students can attend. Let me encourage you to make this a priority for your student. I understand that we are busy, but this can be a life changing and extremely fun event for your student, and they will come back different from when they went. The cost is $250.00 per student, and leaders can go for $100.00. Activities include white water rafting, paintball, rope climbing, rock climbing, and much more. Hope your student makes plans to attend. R.S.V.P. via facebook here!

We are trying to keep you as informed as possible and keep the cost as low as possible. You can download the 2013 calendars for your computer by clicking here. I hope that this helps you. If you ever have questions or want quick information regarding the Grove, check out our facebook page or check out the website here. You can also follow us on twitter (@ugbcgrove) for instant information regarding the Grove. We love and appreciate you. We count it a privilege to partner with you this year. If you have any questions about our student ministry, please contact Pastor Josh anytime with the info provided below.

In His Service,

Josh Evans

Student Pastor, Union Grove Baptist Church

Web: Blog:

W: 336-764-2103 C: 336-953-6427 F: 336-764-8657

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