The Top 15 #Stumin Iphone Apps













Here are the top apps that I use right now for our student ministry:

  1. Facebook (Friend me) & Twitter (Follow me)- I put these two together since they are social media apps. Facebook is still the top app that I use! I will say that the app is sometimes slow, but this is one of the best ways to connect with students quickly. You can quickly log in, and see what your students are up too at the moment. I have increased my time on twitter over the last year due to blogging more frequently, but student pastors should be on twitter. Connect with your students on twitter. Connect with other student ministry organizations or student pastors on twitter! If you want to know exactly where your students are at spiritually, follow them on twitter. Students are more apt to be open and honest right now on twitter than on Facebook.
  2. Google Maps– This is a fairly new app, but I love it. It has integrated turn by turn navigation system. One thing that I love about it is that I can search for about anything in this app, and it will immediately navigate me there. I do not have to copy and paste an address or anything.
  3. Group Text– I have used this for years, and it still works, and I find that this is one of the cheapest texting systems out there. Download this app, and you can text unlimited to groups that you create in your contacts. The only catch and negative is that you have to turn off group messaging and photo messaging for it to work.
  4. Instagram– This is becoming one of the most used social sites out there, not to mention photo sharing sites. My students are on this as much as they are on facebook or twitter. Instagram photos regularly of your student ministry, and follow your students on here to find out what they are doing.
  5. Road Ninja– This is an app that is great for traveling with groups. Have you ever been traveling looking for a specific restaurant or a gas station? This app helps make your life easier so you do not have to wait for every sign, but find it immediately with the exit number. You can pull up the next exits in front of you to tell you food, gas and shopping that is located on the next exit. You can look for the next exit, or one that is 30 miles in front of you.
  6. Geocaching– This is a fun game to do when you are out and about with your students. If I am with students, and have some free time, we pull this app up, and you will be amazed at the number of geocache’s that there are out there. Your students will love it. If you want more information on what it is, check this out here.
  7. Mileage– For youth pastors who drive a lot and all over the world it seems, this is a great paid app for you. You can use this to keep track of your mileage to get reimbursed.
  8. Reminders– This app comes on the IPHONE, and is great for reminding you about specific things at a certain time or at a specific location.
  9. YouVersion– This is the must have Bible app for me. I have a couple, but this one is the best and seems to be the most popular from what I have seen.
  10. Evernote– This is the best notes app. It is awesome that I can check out the notes on my phone that I put on my Ipad. It is just like the cloud. You will love it.
  11. Sportacular– This is the best sports app that I use. I use scorecenter some as well, but sportacular seems to work better for me, and I like its system as well.
  12. Kids in mind– This is great to instantly check out what is in a movie. This app will tell you how much cussing, sexual scenes, violence, etc that are in today’s movies. I sometimes think that this app is a bit extreme and over the top, but still it gives you an idea about the movies that our students are seeing.
  13. The Weather Channel App– This is the best weather app that I use. It is easy to use, and it saves your different cities which is nice. It is great to use when traveling.
  14. Dropbox– All youth pastors need dropbox! This app is a great way to share your documents from different devices. I have my dropbox linked to my desktop at work, cell phone, Ipad, and both laptops at home. I share all student ministry stuff for our weekly service in here so it is easy for the worship leader and media guys to pull it off at youth group.
  15. Podcasts– This app is great, and I use it a lot because I listen to many podcasts on student ministry, leadership, or sermon archives.

Question: What Iphone apps do you use the most in your student ministry?

2 thoughts on “The Top 15 #Stumin Iphone Apps

  1. Great list of apps! I use Group Text to send out mass text messages to my students and volunteers. Our church uses Planning Center for all services (weekend and student ministry services) so I use the planning center app a lot. Going to check out the mileage app.


  2. Seriously a great list! I am also with Austin on this, Planning Center is a must. Evernote is my favorite! I just started using Mind mapping on SimpleMind and Wunderlist and of course Youversion! You have a few that I am going to check out. Thanks for list!

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