[Guest Post] Why Buy an IPAD Mini

Below is a guest post from Chad Watson:

Yes… I know, not everyone wants an iPad or even knows how to use one, however I do think they are extremely useful in student ministry. More and more, pastors are joining the masses of iPad owners and begging to preach from them. But for many youth pastors, the cost of an iPad has always been a turn off and I think the size has been as well. If you really think about it, you can buy a decent PC for the cost of an iPad. However, now that the iPad Mini is on the market, the cost is way better and the size is great.

ipad blog postOver the next few weeks, I’ll be doing a series of posts that cover what you’re able to do with an iPad in youth ministry. This post will cover which iPad you should buy and why not to buy the Kindle Fire or the Microsoft Surface.

I love the idea of the new Mini and it’s exactly what I have always wanted. The size is awesome and it’s super lightweight! This thing would be great to keep with you on Sunday mornings and Wednesdays nights, when you’re around students and parents. There have been a number of times when someone needs to know something and I’m able to pull out my iPad and open the Dropbox app. With dropbox, I am able to have my files anywhere I go! And with iCloud, I can start working on something in pages, keynote, or numbers, then save it to iCloud and continue working on it at the ball game or the middle school music recital.

The size and weight is very important to me. I want to be able to teach my lesson from my iPad but I don’t want the iPad to become focus of my lesson. I think the Mini is going to help greatly with this. Also, it’s super lightweight and very easy to hold with one hand while teaching. Once the BookBook has a case for the Mini, it will look like a small book. In my opinion the iPad Mini is what the iPad should have been in the first place.

iPad or Kindle? Absolutely, positively the iPad!!! Don’t go and buy a Kindle simply because it only costs $199.00 and the cheapest iPad is $325.00. The question I get most, is why does Apple charge $126.00 more for the iPad Mini than the Kindle. I think by answering this question, I will answer the first one as well.

The iPad is a powerful device; it has long battery life, a sharp screen, HD front and rear cameras, really everything you want in a tablet, but you’re right if your thinking so does the Kindle or the Surface. What Kindle and the Surface do not have is a strong ecosystem supporting them.

The ecosystem is the thriving nature of the infrastructure of the iOS devices. It’s the over 250,000 apps specifically designed for the iPad, on the App Store, the websites designed for the iPad, the people who are already making apps specifically for the iPad, and it’s the quality of apps being made for iOS devices. When a designer builds an app for the iPad, his doesn’t take his popular phone app and scale it up for the larger screen size. His builds a unique custom app that utilizes the power and screen resolution of the iPad.  If you don’t believe me or understand what I mean, go to Best Buy and open Facebook on the Kindle… play around with the app a little, then go to the iPad and open Facebook… play around with the app. You’ll see an enormous difference between the two apps.

So why do we have pay $126.00 dollars more for iPad Mini? Because the iPad has a solid ecosystem backing it up. It’s the hardware, software, the app makers, and the enormous interest all combined making the iPad Mini worth what its costs.

Please leave a comment below, if you have something to add, critique, or any other questions.

chad watson pic for blogAbout Chad: Chad Watson is the Middle School Student Pastor at Triad Baptist Church in Kernersville, NC. He has a BA from Piedmont Baptist College in Christian Ministries with minors in Pastoral Studies, Biblical Counseling, and Student Ministry. He is currently working on a M.T.S at Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary. Also, Chad is apart of a Student Ministry podcast called the YMOddcast.

2 thoughts on “[Guest Post] Why Buy an IPAD Mini

  1. Hi Chad,

    I’m grateful for your review on the ipad mini but I have this question for you.

    Don’t you think that the Ipad mini is just a bigger ipod touch?

    I’m asking you this because I’m thinking twice of buying one.

    I’m torn between the ipad mini or the i touch. I don’t really need a big screen size but it’s also ok.

    I’ll be waiting for your advice.

    thanks a lot,

  2. Josh, Thanks for sharing this post! Chad

    Ebuy, Thanks for the Question! I do not think that ether of the iPads are just a bigger iPod touch. My advice would be for you to head over to an apple store or a best buy and play with an iPad and iPod touch. It’s more of a what are going to do with it type of question. If you’re looking to use it for Facebook and playing games than iPod is for you but it want do more… than you may want a iPad. Check out my post “Five ways to use your iPad in ministry today” at WatsOnStuMin.com.

    A good test is to open Facebook or Safari on both the iPad Mini and iPod and pick which one you think is better and which one you could use every day.

    Let me know if this helps

    In God’s Grace,
    Chad Watson

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