[Freebie Friday] Christmas Lesson- Small Things: A Christmas Story

ChristmasLesson2012 freebie friday blog postMy friends over at YM360 are giving away a free Christmas lesson for youth pastors. It is a great lesson for you to teach a fresh sermon on the Christmas story. I know for me, we have looked at the Christmas story each year, and it is difficult to keep things fresh since our students are so familiar with the story. YM360 can help you with that. Here is a little about the freebie:

Lesson Title: Small Things: A Christmas Story

Lesson Objective: To see who and what God values by looking at the Christmas narrative from a big-picture perspective.

Scripture Focus: Luke 1:26-38, Luke 2:1-15

Overview: The Christmas narrative is a familiar story to most of our students. As such, we can sometimes overlook some of the rich truths communicated in the biblical account of Jesus’ birth. This lesson “zooms out,” taking a big-picture look at what the Christmas narrative teaches us about God and His ways. By taking this approach, your students will understand exactly who and what God values. Most importantly, they’ll understand that God’s desire is to work through normal, everyday people (just like them) to accomplish His will.

Download this freebie here!

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