Thoughts on Student Ministry Newsletters

Thoughts on student ministry newsletters blog postOne huge thing that student pastors all see as important are sending out newsletters to parents and leaders. I too see this is as a valuable tool in connecting and partnering with parents as well as informing your small group leaders. I want to give you a few thoughts on newsletters that I have learned over the years.

  • Mailing them does not work! I would recommend email. I started out in student ministry 6 years ago, and thought that I was the man because I mailed my newsletters, but found out soon after that most people prefer email. It also saves you money on postage, paper, and envelopes. 
  • Parents are more concerned with content than the design– Now, this does not say that parents do not want it to look excellent and professional, but it is saying that we as student pastors want to make our newsletters as flashy as possible, and parents care about content. Be careful that your email is not too flashy that it is difficult to navigate through. I actually realized this, and went to a standard email that I send weekly to keep things constantly in front of them.
  • Make them as short as possible with as much information as possible– This is the struggle that I think we all have. We struggle making them short, because we want to pile the information on. Remember to keep them as short as possible.
  • Share a parenting resource or blog post in your newsletter as much as possible. I started this about a year ago, and it has been a great way to share helpful parenting resources and posts to challenge and help parents raise their students up!
  • Make yourself available in your newsletter– I always try to put every possible way to reach me. Put your cell number down so that the parents know that you are available to help them.

Question: How often do you send a newsletter?

One thought on “Thoughts on Student Ministry Newsletters

  1. Josh,

    As always good thoughts! I like point number two about parents being more concerned with content than design. At my former church, I used Mailchimp and focused a lot on design. At my current church I do a straight text email. I make my email in bullet points and try to communicate as much info as possible while making it a short, easy to read email. I have seen that how I do it now is working and parents are getting the info they need from me. Here is a question for you. How often do you send your parent newsletters out? I currently send one out every Monday. One to middle school parents and one to high school since we have our ministries split between the two.


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