Free Lesson on Justification with video and teaching script

Below is a free lesson that Mark Etheridge is giving away free on his blog. You need to check this out:

One thing I really enjoy about blogging is the fact that I can give away FREE stuff! So, here’s a free resource that I have put together. It is a lesson on justification, one of the most vital parts of our faith as Christians. God’s been teaching me a lot about this subject, and how important it is for me as someone who believes in Jesus. The audience this was originally written for is college students, however, I believe it can be adapted to any age group. This resource contains several different parts that may help you in studying and teaching on this subject:

1. Teaching Script: I have included an entire teaching script based on my personal study of this subject. It is in a Microsoft Word document so please change and tailor in whatever way you see fit. It is broken down verse-by-verse with explanatory comments and it also includes quotes by scholars and illustrations.

2. Visual Presentation: I have made a PowerPoint presentation to go along with this lesson. It includes all of the text verses, scholarly quotes, an illustrative picture, and cross-referenced passages. This presentation also has editing capabilities where you can edit/change to fit your personal presentation. I have also included a JPEG image of the opening slide so you can use it as you please (printing a flyer, making a handout, exc.).

3. Video Interview: I have included a clip of an interview with R.C. Sproul and Mark Driscoll discussing the topic of justification. The leadership blog The Resurgence has produced this video and it gives some insight as to how important biblical justification really is for us today.

I hope this resource is a help to you, and that you will benefit from whatever avenue you choose to use this in, whether it’s for teaching in a college ministry, student ministry, church service, or for your own personal growth. I want to help you and serve you. You can download this FREEBIE below:

Download the freebie here!

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