Book Suggestion: #Going Social

Recently, I had the opportunity to purchase the book, “Going Social” by Terrace Crawford. Terrace is a good friend of mine in student ministry, and you should totally connect with him. He knows what he is talking about when it comes to social media. He is a regular on facebook, twitter, and google+. He also is a great blogger, and shares some of the best stuff out there. Here is a little about the book from Terrace:

“If ever there was a time to leverage media to reach people with the gospel of Christ it is now! The message of this book is about doing just that – using the platforms that we’ve been given – to connect with people who are already talking. I believe today’s church leaders need to hear this important message and I believe this resource will help them!” – Terrace Crawford

Here are some popular reviews and what others are saying about the book: 

“Digest this book and engage your digital world!” – Ed Stetzer, President, Lifeway Research

“Simply Genius!” — Tim Stevens, Executive Pastor @ Granger Community Church

“Terrace Crawford’s book, Going Social, is a great resource to help you develop a social media

strategy for yourself or your church!” – Josh Griffin, High School Pastor, Saddleback Church

This is a great book for church leaders in a digital and social environment.

Click here to purchase Terrace’s new book!

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