How To Handle The Election When It Didnt Turn Out The Way You Intended

Well, another presidential election has come and gone, and a president has been elected to lead our country over the next 4 years. In some people’s minds, electing Obama was the best move for our country, in others’, it was a horrible move. I voted for Romney/Ryan, and was disappointed as I watched the presidency being given back to Obama for the next 4 years. I have my reasons, and I am not going to get into that in this blog post, but I want to write on how to handle an election when it honestly does not turn out the way that you had hoped. I hope that these thoughts are a help and a challenge to you:

  1. Pray for our president– I believe it is our responsibility as Christians to pray for President Obama now. He needs our prayers. You are not required to pray for our president only if you agree. No, pray for him regardless of if you agree with him or not. As Christians, let’s pray for our president to be converted, but also to be blessed!
  2. Honor our President– This is a very difficult one. We are called to honor our president and our other leaders. His position is important, and worthy of our honor solely because of his position. (I Timothy 2:1-2; I Peter 2:13-14)
  3. Remember God is still in control– If you are like me, you followed the election last night on television and on twitter. Twitter normally is one of the fastest breaking news sites around. It certainly was last night for sure. One tweet that I saw was that “We may not know who is going to be the president of the United States tomorrow, but we certainly know who will be on the throne.” That tweet really helped me put things into perspective. God is still in control. He is not frantically freaking out in Heaven wondering what we are going to do. He knows, and allowed this to happen. We must now place our faith and trust in Him and His perfect plan more than ever before.
  4. Respect our President– This goes along with #2 on this list, but I wanted to list them separately so that we all can focus on each one separately  If you look at Paul in the way that he went before Felix and the other leaders of his day. He consistently showed respect. Obviously, he disagreed with his leaders, and was being tried by them. He never disrespected them, and this is a principle that we must get in our lives. Whether it be the way you respond to the president via social media, publicly or verbally, do it out of respect!
  5. Each election is another motivation to aggressively share Jesus with the world– Last night’s election does not change our responsibility to get the Gospel out to the world. It should only serve as a motivation for each of us to share Jesus with the people we come in contact with.


One thought on “How To Handle The Election When It Didnt Turn Out The Way You Intended

  1. I too voted Romney/Ryan. First time I’ve disclosed that not because I did not want anyone to know but simply because it was my vote, my freedom, and my prayer which led me to do so. I, too am disppointed by the outcome of this election but I am more disappointed by the behavior of fellow Believers in Christ. Point #4 is one that all Believers need to take heed and meditate on. I have been saddened by things I have seen on the social media sites. Believers using words of hate, making jokes, and even engaging in social media battle with others. Matthew 5:16 saids, Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in Heaven. Whether we agreed with the outcome or not, the election process is in place because we put it into place and I still believe we are far more Blessed than other countries that have no rights or freedoms to have a voice. There was a post placed on facebook this morning by a young Christian lady whom I am convinced meditates in God’s word daily and prays daily, not because she saids she does, not because she has been socially raised to do so, but because she truly Loves God and mediates on his word! Anna Worley posted this: What if the church took all the energy we’ve spent focused on the election, and in the next four years used it to pray continuously for our nation, actively stand for our faith, as well as live like we trust God with our future (since we say we do)? How different would our world be? So I would challenge the church to pray too! Pray for our nation, pray for our President, and pray that all of us would humble ourselves before God!

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