We occasionally do theme nights in our student ministry where we have students dress up and we decorate the gym. Well, we did the Price is Right, and we played the popular game show with our students. We had a host and played a 45 minute game show with our students, and they absolutely loved it! I wanted to put together all of our resources and give them away for other youth pastors to use and make their own. This freebie contains flyers that you can customize, games, scripts for the host, games, items for the screen to bid on, and intro videos for the game show! I hope that this is a help to you, and if you have any further questions about how we did certain things, comment below, or send a direct email to joshhevans@gmail.com! I will be a resource in any way that I can. We did build our own plinko board, spin wheel, and boxes to bid behind for the night!

Download this freebie here!


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