Where are the best Places to Network with Student Pastors?

Networking is so important! In fact, it in a lot of ways helps motivate student pastors to keep on plugging away in a field of such discouragement as student ministry. I encourage all student pastors to network regularly with local and distanced student pastors. It is important for your health. So, you want to get in on this network thing, or just expand the network you already have. Where are the best places to network?

  • Facebook Groups– I am involved in several facebook groups involving student ministry. There are several good ones, and some not so good ones. This is a great place to interact with other youth pastors across the world who you can ask for prayer, ask for ideas, resource sharing, and thoughts. I love interacting with these different groups, because each group brings a different flavor. I encourage you to get into these groups and participate regularly.
  • Twitter– Most of the people who I follow on twitter involve student ministry. If you follow them, connect with them. I connect regularly through DM’s and mentions on twitter with other student pastors and student ministry organizations. Also, follow hashtags on twitter. I follow them for great links to blogs and thoughts about student ministry! The best hashtags for student ministry are: #youthmin, #stumin, #uthmin, and #studentministry.
  • Local Youth Pastor Gathering– Every student pastor needs this! If you do not have one in your area, start one! I have been involved in a church where we did not have one of these each month, and I have been involved in a church where I have been involved every month in a gathering, and I can vouch- it is so important for you to be involved in a monthly gathering.
  • Lunch Appointments– I try to use lunch regularly to connect with other student pastors. Do not be afraid to connect with someone via twitter or another avenue, and then try to meet them for lunch. It can build and strengthen the connection, and you both will be encouraged.
  • Phone Calls– I try to make a couple of specific phone calls each month to build connections with new student pastors that I have not recently connected with. Use this resource and connect with other pastors to sharpen your skills and knowledge on student ministry.
  • Blog Comments– I try to comment on blogs regularly to connect and meet new people. Also, it is a great opportunity to connect with leaders who are doing HUGE things in student ministry as well. I have probably met more people through my blog than other areas of networking.

[Question] Do you Network regularly with other Student Pastors? If so, where do you connect at?

[Question] Have we connected? If not, send me a direct email at: joshhevans@gmail.com or comment on the blog below so we can connect.

Published by Josh Evans

Josh is the connections pastor of the Oakleaf campus of Trinity Baptist Church in Jacksonville, FL. Before that, Josh had been a mentor and pastor to students for 10 years. Josh is passionate about empowering church leaders to make a difference. Josh and his wife Abby have two children. You can connect further with Josh on this blog or send him a direct email at joshhevans@gmail.com.

7 thoughts on “Where are the best Places to Network with Student Pastors?

  1. We already network together lol. Great post. I also network with guys in my community as well. We try to do four events together throughout the year, and its awesome. I think its important ministers are connecting socially and in their community. Too often I think we just focus more on social networking instead of actually meeting someone face to face. Keep up the great work!

  2. Great post Josh! It’s easy to get so focused on “our ministry” that we forget we need to regularly connect with other guys out there doing student ministry. We are a team, we are in this together. Great practical tips in this post!


  3. Is there a reason that you did not mention retreats or conferences as a good way to get to know other student pastors? Also, your blog is a great resource, couldn’t resist commenting after reading your last point! Thanks for your thoughts!

    1. Appreciate you stopping by LeaderTreks. Definitely appreciate the material that you guys produce for us in student ministry. I will say that conferences and retreats are great to network at. The reason that I did not put that in there is that for most student pastors, they are rare and only a time or two a year. The ones that I listed are more frequent on a week to week or month to month basis.

      1. It is definitely our pleasure to partner with those in student ministry, glad you have had the chance to interact with our curriculum! That makes sense with the frequency thought, it is great to read about different youth pastor communities popping up. Let us know if there are any other ways to support you guys!

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