Thoughts on Planning a Student Ministry Service

One of the most thought out and stressful moments of our weekly time is planning the student ministry service. Now, I am talking about just the Gospel, I am referring to the entire order of service. How do we successfully plan a student ministry service for our students that is enjoyable, but Jesus centered at the same time. It is something that requires thought out planning! Here are a few simple thoughts on planning a student ministry service:

  1. Always spend time in prayer over the order of service– This is extremely important! Pray about the specifics of the service to go well, and that we give God honor through every portion of the service.
  2. Plan for energy– I always try to make our student ministry services as energetic as possible, and it takes planning. I try to plan for energy at the very beginning so they come in and are stoked, and it sets the tone for the night. You need to be intentional in your music before the service, your announcements, games, etc.
  3. Do not do a game every week– Some people will argue with me on this one, and it works for some people, but games are difficult. Games are either very good or very bad. When we have a good game, we try and top it the next week, and anything short of the game the week before is a total dud! Therefore, it is important that we do not do one every week or you will be trying to top the one before every week.
  4. Make announcements fun– Announcements are arguably the most boring time of the entire service. Therefore, make them fun, but still get the information across. Use video as much as possible in this area, and when you are not using video, dress up and have music going during your announcement time so it does not kill the energy!
  5. Use Video as much as possible– Students are drawn to video, and they love watching videos. I try to use video for before the service PowerPoint, welcome videos, announcements, and sermon videos. Just a side note, if you are planning on using a lot of video, have the equipment to use it right! Plan for as little lag as possible.
  6. Use music as much as possible– I try to use music when I speak about announcements, and when we pray. It keeps them flowing, and brings about a much better alive spirit than without music. This is just from my experience.
  7. Communicate the order of service to everyone– I print an order for everyone involved with details, times, and instructions for each person so that everyone knows when they are up. Make sure that you spend time communicating this to the people involved though.

[Question:] What are some of your thoughts when you plan a student ministry service?

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Planning a Student Ministry Service

  1. Josh,

    Great thoughts man! Planning a good student ministry service week in and week out can be tough. Have you looked into using Planning Center? It’s a program we use here at CCC to help plan our worship services for students and adults.


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