Need a Youth Ministry Coach?

Do you want some practical and personal training to more effectively develop your leadership skills in youth ministry? Many of us could use a service like this at an affordable price. Terrace Crawford has provided this, and I would like to share this opportunity with you today:

“Every 6 months I come alongside 10 youth workers who have only been in the field for 5 years or less and mentor them as part of  The Youth Worker Coaching Network, that I founded in early 2011. The deadline to apply for my next round of Coaching (which begins in September!) is this Friday, August 31st and I hope you’ll join me for the experience.

The Youth Worker Coaching Network is the most affordable network you’ll find but proves invaluable to youth pastors who really need help.  [Apply Now]

Here are some benefits you’ll receive as a participant: 

  • You’ll get a coach and cheerleader in me for 6 months. This has proved invaluable to numerous youth workers who needed a mentor in the field.
  • We will chat weekly by phone or online. During our semester together I’ll be calling you each week for a private coaching session.
  • You’ll be encouraged and challenged during our times together.
  • You’ll learn from notable thought-leaders (pictured above is when my friend, Greg Stier, President of Dare 2 Share Ministries, joined me and a few of the participants for a Coaching session)
  • You’ll receive free books and other exclusive resources periodically throughout your time in the network.
  • You’ll get the shared experience with other network participants and you’ll have the opportunity to help sharpen other leaders.
  • and more surprises along the way!

Check out this video and listen to the testimonials from youth workers who have been a part of the Youth Worker Coaching Network:”

Click Here to find out more and to contact Terrace Crawford!

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