[Free] PowerPoint Package

I do not know about you, but sometimes doing a PowerPoint is a very tedious job. I wish that I had someone who could always do that stuff for me, but in many cases I do not. Blake Appleby, a good friend of mine, has shared a package of generic PowerPoint slides for you to use in your student ministry. They are very modern and sharp. I encourage you to go to his site here and download this free package.

Download this Free PowerPoint Package Here!

About Blake:
Blake Appleby is the student pastor at First Baptist Church in Bryceville, Florida. He is an unapologetic, gospel communicator with a passion to reach students far from God. Blake and his wife, Meredith enjoy empowering students to make much of Jesus. He loves his marriage, coffee, and traveling. You can connect with him personally at blakeappleby@gmail.com.

4 thoughts on “[Free] PowerPoint Package

  1. I saw these on Blake’s blog and downloaded them myself. They are some great slides! Will be using a few of them soon!

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