Curriculum Review: XP3 Students

Recently I was offered to try the Orange curriculum (XP3 Students) for our student ministry! Shout out to my friend, Jeremy Zach for giving me some information about this curriculum. I had heard of their curriculum, but had never used it in the past. So, of course when offered, I accepted the offer, and begin to search the curriculum over. Our student ministry intern and I decided that it would be great to use XP3 students for the summer months. We did and decided to use the 3 week Bible studies entitled, “New Friend Request” and “The good fight.” The good fight is a 3 week series on the home, and the student’s relationship with their parents. The new friend request series is a 3 week series on friendships. I want to review and help you decide if Orange is the way to go for you!

Content: As always, content is the most important when it comes to using curriculum! The content for XP3 students was extremely practical! This curriculum will be great for your student ministry if you are looking for something practical to the students’ everyday life. If your student ministry and church is a much more academic style of church, you might be looking for something else. We were looking for something practical for the summer, and XP3 students were perfect for us. We had been studying for months on prophecy, and the doctrine of eschatology so this was a perfect and much-needed break for our students.

Parent Involvement: This is something that more curriculum’s need to go too. XP3 is ahead of the game in this area partly because their organization as a whole focuses so heavily on the family. In their curriculum, they provide you with parent mp3 segments. So, I can email or post for my parents to read and it gives them helpful ways of parenting their teens on what they had just heard in youth group.

Graphics & Media: This is very important for student ministry. XP3 has provided professional and “cool” graphics for your promotion of their curriculum, but also the delivery. They come with banners and great pictures for your Powerpoint presentations. One feature that costs a bit extra is their bumper videos, but we loved using these! They were great to use in the student service!

Effectiveness: Honestly, we had some great feedback from our students when using this curriculum! Our students would come up and tell us how the lessons helped them make better choices and decisions with their friends and their families.

Cost: As I have found in all curriculum, they cost money. If you are going to spend the money on curriculum, you have to know up front that it will cost. XP3 students compares with other curriculum prices that I have seen. It might be on the upper end of some of those, but it will be worth the money. Remember you are getting the cost of the content, but also the graphics!

Customer Service: One thing about curriculum that is overlooked is the customer service in case of issues. XP3 is top-notch when it comes to working with you as you transition into using their curriculum. They always have someone available to help you.

Overall Thoughts: We liked it! I would recommend it. They have some great options for you to choose from. I look forward to using some of their material in the future. If you have any further questions regarding XP3 students, please send me an email at or comment below:

[Question:] What curriculum does your student ministry use and why?

4 thoughts on “Curriculum Review: XP3 Students

    1. It all depends on your church and the culture of your students. For instance, ours are mainly Christian school students, and are doctrinal heavy. So, Word of Life long term works better for us, but because we were studying such heavy content all school year, XP3 students was PERFECT for our summer in terms of giving them practical daily stuff that the students could take and apply to their every day life.

  1. I use xp3 along with a few other resources to create message series and small group study. I do agree that they are way ahead on the visual side of the content and it is getting better and more clear on the teaching notes and discussion questions. I use most of it but we always tweak it to try and make it our own for the students here. I’m always looking for creative ways to communicate and xp3 is great! I recommend it.

    1. Thanks Josh for stopping by the blog! I agree with your statement, and I would add that I believe that we as pastors always tweak any curriculum that we are using regardless of their content whether it be heavy, or more surface content.

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