International Teens Involved Results

International Teens Involved (ITI) is a program sponsored by Word of Life to help train students to develop their gifts and abilities for the church and the Lord’s glory. Union Grove has been involved in Teens Involved (no pun intended) for many years. It has been a great ministry and we have seen the Lord use this program to develop our students. We always remind our students that it is not about a competition, but about the perfecting and developing of our gifts. We had a great group participate, and here are the entries that placed in ITI:

Sr High Praise Team (5th)- Anna Worley, Emily Worley, Jessica Hege, Chase Pollard, and Austin Jordan.
Sr. High Video Presentation (1st)- Chase Pollard and Austin Jordan
Jr. High Large Vocal Group (1st)- Vanna Ruth, Kaci Miller, Jennifer Salernitano, Elaine Michaels
Sr. High Large Vocal Group (2nd)

Now, if your student was not mentioned above, they still did a great job, and we are proud of them. There were a lot of students involved this year, and not as many placed as a whole, not just from our church. If your student did not participate, I encourage them to participate next year. Honestly, as a parent, I would encourage them to get involved in this program! What a way to spend your students’ time?

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