WOL Camp Update #3

Good afternoon! It is Tuesday afternoon, and I am sitting here reflecting on camp and what God has already done. Many of us leaders have said that this has already been one of our best years of camp. First off, we have a great group! The group has gone with the flow through everything, and we have not received any complaining which is awesome. We were not sure how many of our students would react to camp considering many of them are first timers here at camp. Many of them are younger as well, but they have adjusted very well. Second, God has already done big things. Many times at camp, it takes days for God to get through to students. Our students have come into camp with an open spirit from the get go! Once again, we have had 2 students saved out of our group, and 16 total here at camp. Then, we have had 1 receive assurance of their salvation. God has worked in all of our hearts though here at camp. I have heard some students give testimony about God dealing with them for the anger/temper problem. God has dealt with some about being thankful for the many things that God has done for them. Some about holding nothing back when it comes to their personal relationship with God. God has spoken to our group in so many different ways, it has been amazing. Third, the week has gone smoothly. We have had no discipline issues, physical issues, or BUS TROUBLE! That is always a major plus 🙂

Here are a few of the quotes that I have written down from camp so far to give you a glimpse of the Bible teaching that they have received:\
“What you believe determines how you behave.” – Chris Finchum
“Grace is not about you; grace is all about God.” – Rick Garland
“Faith is the outstretched arm that receives the gift of God” – Dr. Charles Ryrie
“God will never love you one ounce less than He does right now.” – Rick Garland
“We don’t do quiet time to get God to love us more. We do quiet time to teach us to love Him more.” – Rick Garland
“God does not approve of everything that you do, but He still unconditionally loves and accepts you in spite of what you do.” – Rick Garland
“What have we missed out on because of our disobedience? Moses missed out on the Promised Land.” – Rich Andrews
“Jesus died to save us from the penalty of sin! I died at Salvation to be saved from the power of sin.” – Rick Garland

Obviously, I have tons more, but those are some highlights that I chose to share with you. Hopefully, when I get back, I can take the time to post all of the sermon notes and outlines on the blog to share with you. It has been some incredible teaching.

Here are some pics for you:

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