WOL Camp Update #2

Its Monday evening here in Florida! It’s raining, and we had to leave the pool so I figured that I would throw down a blog post. It has been an entire day since I have updated you do you must be dying for an update. Let me fill you in what is going on. We have seen 2 of our students get saved this week. We have seen one get assurance, and seen many other decisions for Christ made. Teens involved went great and our students did a fantastic job. I am always so proud of them! Let me just say that if your student didn’t come to camp or participate in Teens Involved, I would encourage you to get them involved next year for sure. The Lord really is using this camp in our students lives!

Last night, we had a “talk back” time. This is where we as the leaders get to hear personally from our students on what God is doing in their lives. They were a bit quiet, but opened up a bit to what God has been doing. Vanna had to give them a bit of encouragement to get them to open up.  I loved hearing the hearts of our students.

The speakers have been great. Honestly, it is tough to find a camp that teaches as much doctrine as Word of Life to the campers. Our students have heard the Gospel, been taught on how to approach God with the right perspective, and a challenging and convicting message on justification.

Everyone is having a blast! You know, the team you have will dictate how your week may go in the long run, and let me say, we have a fantastic group that is dictating how amazing the week is going. Please keep us in your prayers, and I will update you tomorrow with some pictures!

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