[Poll] Do you plan a student ministry event on the 4th of July

I was wondering what other student pastors do on the 4th of July. For us, many people are out-of-town so an event has not typically worked that high. This year, the 4th of July came on a Wednesday so we decided to do a patriotic service and cook out. We had a good attendance, but wondering what everyone else does on this busy holiday:

2 thoughts on “[Poll] Do you plan a student ministry event on the 4th of July

  1. Its pretty tough to pull off an event on any major holiday, but none are so difficult to spark interest as the 4th. Now, if you were at camp that week it’s understandable, but if you are trying to make a one day activity on the 4th of July, its going to be really hard to get interest and attendance. Not to mention that ministry should be supplemental to the family structure, and the 4th is usually a day that a family gets everyone in the backyard. I would say no without hesitation, but thats just my opinion. less is more.

  2. Josh,

    This is a good poll. A few months ago as I was planning our summer calendar I was bouncing back and forth with doing or not doing something on 4th of July with our students. After much thought, I decided not to plan something for two main reasons. First, 4th of July is a holiday and I want to celebrate it with my family. I love my students, but my family comes first. Second, I want my students to be with their family and friends. One of my goals in student ministry is not to “give students an event” or “keep them busy.” I want them to learn how to live their life of faith outside our student ministry walls. On 4th of July, I want them with their friends and family.


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