WOL Camp Update #1

Good Sunday morning everybody! Josh here giving you all an update on Word of Life Camp. What an amazing week it has already been. It started with us leaving at 1 am on Friday morning. We drove through the night (12 hours) without breaking down! Anytime you are in a church bus, that is always a plus :)! Most of our students stayed up all night which was interesting, but they were all great. I will say no more energy drinks on these trips! Just kidding, I love the energy and excitement that these students bring. We stopped at Cracker Barrel which has become a tradition to eat. The food is good, but I get excited because my family in Jacksonville meet us there. Then, we made the rest of the trip to Hudson, FL for camp. We checked in, and everything went smoothly. Only two of our students have lice. Just kidding once again. Everyone got in, and camp begins!

Our first service was with Chris Finchum. He did a fantastic job speaking on who Jesus was. I felt that it was a great start, and one of the best messages on Jesus’ that I have ever heard. Then, SLEEP! Well, before sleep, Mark and I had to show the young guns how to play basketball. Okay, they showed me, and Mark taught them. He was on fire.

Then, Saturday came, and we did all of Teens Involved on this day. Everyone did great, and handled the pressure well! We find out the results this Tuesday evening at the banquet. The only entry of Teens Involved left to do is this afternoon with quiz blitz. Pray for our students to remember everything that they have learned and studied this year. Last night was an incredible service! Rick Garland spoke on, “What does it mean to be saved?” It was amazing, and many students accepted Jesus. One of ours got saved! It was the coolest thing. Then, one of ours got assurance of their Salvation and some things finally became REAL to her about her relationship with Jesus. What a start to camp?

Stoked for the rest of the week. Please be praying for our group. Here are some highlight photos for you:

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