2 Things I learned from Jamaica Mission trip

As you all know, we went on our Jamaica trip this past week! It was a great week, and really changed my outlook on a lot of things. I wanted to share 2 things that God did in my life this past week in Jamaica:

  1. Be intentional– This word has been on my heart more than ever in my life here recently. As I spent time with Pastor Cletis Titus, Pastor Andrew Pryce, and their families, I learned rather quickly that they were intentional. They did life there in Jamaica on purpose. Everywhere they went, they made it a point to share the Gospel. They shared the Gospel in restaurants, department stores, and souvenir shops. They were in Jamaica geographically to share the Gospel. So this brought the question to my mind, why can’t I be in Winston-Salem/Lexington to share the Gospel? I lose sight of the purpose that missionaries have. We must be intentional with the Gospel everywhere that we go and everywhere that we live!
  2. Be missional– Now, the first thing that I learned goes hand in hand with this one, but I want to be missional. I want my life’s goal and purpose to be for the Gospel, and nothing else! If that is my purpose, everything else will fall into place. Take the mission of Jesus everywhere that we go!

These are the two main things that God showed me this past week in Jamaica! I hope that this will be a challenge to you as you try to reach your city with the Gospel!

2 thoughts on “2 Things I learned from Jamaica Mission trip

  1. As a missionary here in the Philippines I’m happy to see your blog today an wish everybody ha the same vision as Yeshua an His Apostles, the mind of a missionary. After all that is our whole purpose here an now to tell the world of God’s love.

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