Jamaica Update #4 by Jessica Hege

Good morning!! 🙂 This is Jessica Hege and I have the awesome privilege of updating all of you on what went down yesterday.

So I’m one of the lovely few who have been waking up at 5 am to go for a morning walk/jog. Then we enjoyed a delicious breakfast at the villa where we’re staying and soon after headed to the bus to get started. First we drove over to a prep school to do a few things for the kids (who were completely opposite of the last school we went to, extremely well behaved…better than most american kids). They were so precious in their little uniforms and they were all really sweet & funny when we talked to them. While we led them in a few songs, they sang along and even did the motions! They paid attention while we performed our crazy skit, and laughed while we acted like ridiculous chickens and monkeys. Rachael Tullock shared her testimony which was great & even moved a few of us to tears, and Nathan preached an awesome sermon that I think the kids definitely needed to hear. More pictures were taken and we taught them how to say “Bye y’all!!” 🙂

Moving on, we travelled to a school for the deaf. Amazing to say the least. The view was incredible and we had someone who gave us a tour. Not much to it, but it was interesting and eye-opening to see how different school is for those kids, and though we didn’t get to communicate with them besides waving as we walked past, I feel like they enjoyed seeing us. Our group loaded the bus and went on a small tour of part of Jamaica. We went back to the villa to eat lunch, then Uncle, our bus driver, drove us around to a few different amazing places. The Ritz hotel we walked through was breath-taking as well as the Rose Hall (don’t worry, we took like a thousand pictures so you can enjoy the view too). Returning to the villa, a few guys walked to get beef patties ( I don’t understand the obsession with them, lol) and we had dinner. Pool time followed, lots of fun, and then an evening testimony from Pastor Andrew. He also treated us with a few songs since he has a beautiful voice. He and his wife sang one song together (they are so cute) then we went inside and hung out for a little bit until it was time to curl up in our beds, in the oh so lovely air condition.

That’s pretty much it, I hope all of you have a fantastic day. Don’t forget to smile!! Only one more day till we get to see all of you 🙂

Thanks for your prayers & for reading my post,


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