Jamaica Update #3 by Devin Dowell

Hello! Devin Dowell here and im going to tell you about our day yesterday.  I woke up around 6:30 yesterday to get a nice shower and start the day. After breakfast we headed to a public school. As soon as we got off the bus we were surrounded by kids that were feeling and playing with our hair needless to say it was a different way of getting welcomed. After that we then made our way to the class room where we sang songs and N page preached to the kids. There were around 62 kids in the room and they were all in the 5th grade. After Nathan had preached we got back on the bus and were headed to the villa when we came upon a crowd of people gathered in the road. Come to find out a little girl from one of the nearby schools had run out in front of a car and gotten hit. It was very sad and we saw her being held by two men. When we got back to the villa we got a little lunch and then headed out to the beach to do a little relaxing. We stayed at the beach till around 5pm then headed back to the villa for the evening. We had supper around 6pm and then watched Beyond the Gates of Splendor around 7. After the movie most of us hit the bed for a good nights rest.

Thankyou for all the prayers!

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