Jamaica Update #2 by Danielle Kalanarhos & Teresa Dickson

Hello! Danielle Kalanarhos and Teresa Dickson here! First, we would like to tell you about our day.

Teresa- I began the day at 6:20  to go for a morning jog. We made our way to the beach where we met a cool guy named Friday. Friday thought I was a boy at first, but when he realized I was a girl he became excited and I received a nickname, “mother Teresa”. I have actually been called that alot! Arriving back at the Villa brought a refreshing shower, yummy breakfast, and preparations for the service at Bay Life Baptist Church. I was chosen to give my testimony in front of the church. I was very nervous, but after praying with Pastor Josh, God gave me confidence and I was given the words I would say. I shared my testimony and then proceeded to talk about  what God has been working on in my life. Pastor Cletis Titus has been challenging us to give God our all-to not hold anything back from Him. The church service was a very neat experience. Everyone we met was friendly and eager to meet us. We were able to spend time with the most precious, thankful kids. An older boy, named Andrew, who won a prize playing “gorilla, man, net” (similar to rock, paper, scissors) gave his toy to a younger kid. After arriving back to the Villa, we decided to cool off in the pool. Everyone was attempting to take Eddie down. It only took about 9 people to accomplish our goal. It kind of reminded me of Godzilla! Later, we went back out to Bogue Village to tell more people about the church showing Courageous later that night. However, the rain messed up our plans. We were soaked, but still decided to try some Jamaican ice cream, which was very creamy and good. At first we worried, when no one had showed up for the movies 10 minutes till. We were later told that Jamaicans are always late. We had many show up and the movie was great (for the third time). After many tears, we headed back to the Villa for a good nights rest.

Thankyou everyone for all the many prayers!

Danielle- Unlike Teresa I like my sleep and I did not join them with their jog. That is just too early for me. I was well rested and ready to start my day. After a nice refreshing shower, I had a delicious breakfast. We made our way to Bay Life Baptist Church and we stayed with the kids in the children’s church. The turn out was great; there were so many kids that showed up. They were all so amazing. We started off by leading them in songs and they all joined in on. Afterwards we took the kids outside for a relay race and they had a blast with that. They got competitive (especially Ed’s team or actually just Ed) We went back inside and the girls sang a song for the older people in their church service. That went so well and we all sounded great; we had a few women in tears.The girls left the service and joined the kids again just in time to help with craft time. The kids were so excited about making a sail boat/ raft. They really enjoyed it and so did we. We came back to the Villa and decided to take a little dip in the pool and cool off. We had a blast with Ed. We were all attacking him and he was just throwing us off him left and right. We finally got him down with the help of Josh Jordan. While we were in the pool there were a few of us napping and catching up on some much-needed sleep. We all got out of the pool to get ready to go through Bogue Village to pass out some more flyer’s  for the movie Courageous that night. There were a lot of people who seemed like they were pretty excited about the movie. While we were out passing out the flyer’s it started to rain and we had to run back to the church and we were soaked. Before the movie started there was an ice cream shop open and we decided to get some and it was great. It was the perfect little snack. We had a really good turn out for the movie, there were quite a few people who showed up and I think they really enjoyed the movie; I know I did. After the movie we came back to the villa and started getting ready for bed because it was pretty late when we got back. Most of us chilled in the living room and we were all playing the logo quiz. We all had so much today and I know we are going to have lots more the rest of the week.  We miss and love you all back home and can’t wait to see you.


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