Jamaica Update 1 by Nathan Page & Meredith Moon

Hey everybody back home, this is Nathan and Meredith. First off, we had a great flight down here (even though Meredith’s ears don’t like landing) and were stunned by how gorgeous the island is. The heat isn’t as bad as we had anticipated, but it is still very hot. Friday after we landed and were picked up we got some authentic Jamaican food (Wendy’s). The exchange rate for money is very difficult to adjust to ($600 for a cheeseburger at Wendy’s) but we’re getting there.

After we ate we went to Bogue Village, where Bay Life Baptist Church is, and distributed tracts and information about the church’s showing of Courageous this Sunday night. The people were very receptive and friendly. It was funny how open everyone was to people showing up to their door to talk. We passed out literature for about 45 minutes then headed into the city.While there we visited a shop owned by a “true Jamaican” as Pastor Titus called her. I’ll let Meredith tell a little more about her.

Her name was aunt Dolly and she was so kind and welcoming. First she told us that our presence was a present to her. We shopped a little and Skimpy, Jt, and I were trying on hats trying to act Jamaican, but our true colors were showing. As we were getting ready to leave aunt Dolly gathered everybody together and shared the songs that was dear to her heart. It opened my eyes. I asked myself why can’t the rest of us Christians be as fired up for the Lord as her because we are in a better situation than her. It is crazy how she stays fired up for the Lord even in bad situations and we want to give up in them.

It would take far too much time and space to write of everything that has gone on so far. After visiting with aunt Dolly we came back to get settled into the Villa, our home for the week. It is a comfortable stay, especially after 8 when the air conditioning comes on.

Today we got up fairly early to go to a church deeper into Jamaica, away from all the tourist attractions. On the way we saw a lot of livestock in the mountains and experienced some very interesting roads. At the church we painted most of the inside of the main auditorium and a couple of walls outside. Meredith played cricket with some of the children while others played some soccer. The kids were incredible, they just came out to see what we were up to. Many of them stayed a while and chatted with people while we were working. The painting was tough work but thankfully we were inside most of the day.

This afternoon we went to Doctor’s Cave Beach. The water and beach were incredible. Several of us went out snorkeling which was absolutely stunning. There were fish and coral everywhere for as far out as we could go. The others enjoyed the cool water and the Caribbean sun.

As we are writing this most everyone is enjoying the time at the Villa. Tomorrow we will be ministering at Bay Life and covet your prayers (Meredith is nervous about giving her testimony). The trip so far has been wonderful and we will not soon forget it.

Thank you for your prayers,

Nathan and Meredith

P.S. I want to thank God for helping me through my trials. I have grown stronger in my walk in the Lord and I learned that no matter where I am in life I know my Lord is with me and He will never leave me or forsake me. I also want to shout out to my Parents who I love very much. I would not be here if it was not for you. Thanks for your patience and encouragement throughout this year. – Meredith

Thanks Mama and Daddy for your thoughts and prayers. We are having a great time. Happy anniversary as well. Love you – Nathan

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