Leaving for Jamaica Friday

So, it has finally hit me that we are leaving for Jamaica this Friday morning with our team for our mission trip. This trip has crept up on us considering we have been so busy up to this point. I could not be more stoked though to be going with the team that we have assembled. 22 students and leaders will be going to minister at Bay Life Baptist Church. We will be ministering in 3 public schools, a local church, a deaf home, and several more projects while there. It is going to be an intense week of ministry and work as we try to reach Jamaica with the Gospel. I want you to pray for our team as we leave. Pray for safety, but also pray that God would change our hearts, and use us to further His work in Jamaica and around the world with the Gospel.

To keep up to date with us, check out my facebook page here or my twitter page here. We also will be blogging on this site throughout the week. I will be using students to blog as well as leaders.

[Question] Are you taking your students on a mission trip this summer? If so, where, and what are you planning on doing?

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