Book Review: “New” by Andy Blanks

I recently received a copy of the book, New, by Andy Blanks. This book is a tool that Andy wrote to encourage and disciple new believers. It was published by his ministry, youthministry360. The book is a great read, and an excellent resource to get in the hands of students in your ministry who have just accepted Jesus. The book tries to help new believers lay a strong foundation for their faith. I want to give you a few positives about the book today:

  1. It is written from their perspective. I love how the book looks and feels like a new believer. It tries to have conversations and ask questions that brand new believers have in their minds. That is what makes this book so appealing to use to a brand new believer, because it is written from their perspective.
  2. It is doctrinal, but simple to understand– This is a very tough balance, but it is a needed balance. You need to begin teaching students doctrine after Salvation, but it is always needs to stay practical, and Andy has done a great job keeping that way. I love him sharing Bible stories, and applying it in ways that new believers can understand. It is not fluff, but has some depth teaching of the Christian faith.
  3. It is not a list of Do’s and Don’ts– If we are not careful, when someone gets saved, we tend to give them a list of, “Well, don’t do this” and “Make sure that you do this.” Andy takes a different approach. He gives them the “why” that we so often leave out of the equation. He also addresses that God has changed their heart, and as he continually changes them, they will continue to look more and more like Christ over time, but remember that it always takes time!
  4. Informative and resourceful– With this book, you get 4 weeks of Biblically solid interactive daily devotions. The book provides interesting articles and resources that are applicable to new believers that answer questions that they have. This book helps you understand the Bible from a new believer perspective.

Bottom line, this is a great resource, and personally one of the best resources that I have seen to get in the hands of new believers. Well done Andy, and we appreciate what you and youthministry 360 are doing to help provide resources for us so that we can collectively reach this world with the Gospel!

[Question:] What are you doing to equip new believers in your student ministry?

About Andy:
Above all else, I’m a believer in Christ. I’m seeking each day to become more of a real follower of Christ. I’m a 30-something year-old writer, teacher, and creator. I’m a husband and a father and I love being both of these things. I also have a life-long love for the Red Sox that is admittedly disproportionate to these other wonderful things in my life. But hey, I’m a work in progress . . .

I’m humbled to have co-founded youthministry360 with one of the best guys I know. At ym360 we’re passionate about seeing teenagers transformed by knowing God more through His Word. And we’re committed to serving and equipping youth workers to disciple students. The conversations that happen on this blog go hand-in-hand with the work and vision we do and have for youthministry360.

Connect further with Andy:
Youth Ministry 360

4 thoughts on “Book Review: “New” by Andy Blanks

  1. I just bought a bunch of these books to give to some of our middle schoolers who are new believers. I’m looking forward to walking through these books with them.

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