[Poll] How do you handle curriculum/using others’ notes

This has been on mind here lately, and I was wondering how you use curriculum/others’ notes. I share my sermon notes sometimes on here, and I have even downloaded other people’s sermon notes. I want to know if you use them verbatim, or do you change them up to fit your own? I would love for you to participate in this poll, and leave some reasons for your answer in the comment section.

Where this is coming from? When I was younger, I was taught never to use other people’s notes. Use them as a reference, and never use their outlines, or their thoughts. So, that has been engrafted into my brain. 🙂

What are your thoughts?

2 thoughts on “[Poll] How do you handle curriculum/using others’ notes

  1. Josh, I’ve always been taught that the best sermons are stolen. If I’m writing a sermon from my own experience and get stuck, I’ll try to find one on the internet or wherever to get jump started. If I use someone else’s outline/ideas, I’ll probably change 50% of it.

    1. Okay, thanks for the comment Carl. Yeah, I hear ya. Just interested to see how people handle these type of things.

      I personally use curriculum, but always make it my own. I will probably change 60% of it for sure. Now, sermons in the main church tend to always be original in a sense. Now, to be honest, I read a lot and check out other sermons on the subject, but when it comes down to points, etc. I tend to try and keep things original. Just my opinion.

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