Today, I want to give away a good resource for senior pastors or student pastors! This is an entire series that we did with our students through the book of James in our summer youth program. The sermon series is called, “Living out what lies within.” The series is in a customizable format for you to edit and make the sermons your own. I have provided sermon outlines, sermon fill in the blanks for the students, games, and PowerPoint presentations for your ministry. I hope that this will be a helpful resource for you.

Download the Series HERE! 

[Question]: Was this freebie a help to you? If so, please leave a comment, and let me know.


6 thoughts on “[Freebie Friday] James Series with Outlines for Teacher/Students, PowerPoint, Games

  1. Remember as you are downloading that you can customize this to fit you, your group, and your teaching style. I used personal illustrations that you can replace as well. Hope this is a help and a resource to you and your ministry.

    1. Chad, nice to hear from you man. It has been forever since I have seen ya bro. Hope things are going well for you, and that this resource will be a help to you and your ministry. If you need anything man, hit me up.

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