[Poll] Do you split Jr/Sr in your student ministry?

I have been battling the idea of splitting up our junior high and our senior high ministry. They are so drastically different in what they face, in their personality, and in their thinking that it could be a positive thing to split. However, we have seen our largest attendance during our Wednesday night program as of late, and that is combined Jr/Sr. I want some input.

Please explain your answer in the comment box below?

[Question: What are some advantages and disadvantages of your answer?]

12 thoughts on “[Poll] Do you split Jr/Sr in your student ministry?

  1. I have a hybrid kind of style. We keep them together for worship, but do the Lessons separate. I feel like they are just on two different levels when it comes to teaching. HS would feel like you’re dumbing it down, and JH would feel like you’re going over their heads.

    Events, we tend to do together. But we are also trying to do separate events as well.

    If there are other ways, I would love to hear them.

    1. Actually, we keep ours together for everything (we run about 85 students). Now, we are looking at keeping them together for the service, and splitting all events for the upcoming school year. That is the direction we are leaning, but we would love some more feedback on this issue.

  2. We combine them for everything but the actual teaching portion of the night. Example: Games, Worship Music, Sharing Highs/Lows for the week, Snack–all that takes place together. We split up for the lessons and have two separate teaching series going on. This works for us as a small youth group of about 20-30.

    1. Brian, thanks for the input. I appreciate it bro. That sounds like an awesome set up. Do you teach to both groups or do you have someone to teach to the other group? I would love to have the ability to have someone teach the junior high, and I will teach the senior high, but we are not in that position right now. So, what we are doing is keeping our service combined throughout, and splitting about all events for the upcoming school year. This will be a major start to hopefully split services as well eventually.

  3. I split mine for Sunday classes for 3/4 of the year. They are together year round for mid week classes. During the summer we bring them all together for both Sunday and mid week classes. For most events they are together.

    1. Dale, appreciate your thoughts. Do you have either junior high or senior high attendance drop on events if the opposite has a high attendance for an event. For instance, our senior high attendance drops on events if a lot of junior highers are attending.

  4. I don’t think there is any one right answer. We do a hybrid of combined and split. I have a Jr. High director (very part time) that teaches at the same time I do Sr. high on Wednesdays. worship, games, speaker centered service (Sunday morning) are all combined. Special events go both ways depending on purpose and event. Example, we do camps separate but outreach events are usually combined.

    1. I agree. Different methods are for different student ministry’s. There is not just one way of doing it. It can be done effectively in different ways depending on your group. Great thoughts.

    2. Brian, you nailed it. There is no one answer. It is different depending on the youth pastor and the students. That is seen in the wide range of comments. It can be done effectively in different venues. I appreciate the thoughts man, and keep doing what you are doing.

  5. Truthfully I would split them for service and keep them together for events. I teach 13-20 year olds and I have such a hard time teaching cause of the age gap.

    1. Joe, once again, I think it all depends on the youth pastor and the students in the group. For us, our Wednesday combined services are working for some reason so I am not looking at changing that. We have had our highest attendance for the last 2 months, and the students are enjoying things, and bringing new students in. It is our events where we are struggling. If many junior highers are coming, not many senior high will be there. So, we are looking at splitting the events up for that reason, but for now keeping our Wednesday youth group service the same.

      Thanks for the input Joe.

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