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Good Friday morning!

I hope that this email finds you having a fantastic day! It is Friday, which means the Grove update is coming your way. I hope that this is a help to you!

Our featured Event: Summer Sizzlers! Our Summer Sizzler program is a great casual program that the Grove holds each Wednesday night! The program begins at 6:30 pm and concludes at 8 pm. I encourage everyone to dress for a water game. We come together for worship, and a time of fellowship. Parents, I know that we are busy, but this summer will be a life changing summer for our students. I seriously believe that. We are discussing right now the relationship between students and their parents. We will then end the summer with discussing friendships.

Our Featured Resource: Jonathan McKee is a great helper when it comes to student ministry. He is an incredible resource for parents and youth leaders. One thing that has been coming up in my head is effective discipline without destroying a person’s character and relationship with you. Sometimes as a youth leader and I will eventually experience this as a parent feel like a disciplinarian instead of their pastor. I understand that there are times where I will be the disciplinarian, but how can you discipline effectively. Here is a great article that you should read about this subject:

Here are our upcoming events that we feel you need to be aware of:

  • June 10 – Team Jamaica Meeting – This Sunday night, all members of Team Jamaica are encouraged to stay after church for a training session. We will have pizza and drinks so bring $5 per person. We will be going over some very important stuff pertaining to our trip in a couple of weeks. If you have an extra suitcase that we could use to begin packing supplies for our trip, please bring it this Sunday night!
  • June 13 – Summer Sizzlers – Our summer sizzler program is our Wednesday night summer program. The Grove meets in the fellowship hall during the summer, and begins at 6:30 pm and ends at 8:00 pm.
  • June 17-20 – VBS– There will not be Grove due to VBS on June 20th
  • June 22-29 – Jamaica Mission Trip
  • July 2 – Chick Fil A Night for WOL Camp
  • July 6-14 – WOL Camp
  • July 19-20 – Operation Getaway – The price jumped from $85 to $100 this week. This includes a cook out, Braves game, six flags pass, and a night in a nice hotel. You can still sign up. Please see Pastor Josh asap.
  • August 6 – Bowling– we are splitting Jr/Sr high for bowling this evening.
  • August 11 – Leadership Seminar – If you are interested in being a Grove leader for the 2012-2013 year, please make plans NOW to attend this meeting. This is for prospective student, college, and adult leaders. This will be an all day event for leaders. We will have fun, food, and sessions.

We are trying to keep you as informed as possible and keep the cost as low as possible. If you ever have questions or want quick information regarding the Grove, check out our facebook page or check out the website here. You can also follow us on twitter (@ugbcgrove) for instant information regarding the Grove. We love and appreciate you. We count it a privilege to partner with you this year. If you have any questions about our student ministry, please contact me anytime through any of the methods of contact below! We hope you enjoy your long weekend!!!!!!

In His Service,

Josh Evans

Student Pastor, Union Grove Baptist Church

Web: Blog:

W: 336-764-2103 C: 336-953-6427 F: 336-764-8657


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