4 Simple Ways to Grow as a Leader

I take personal growth in leadership very seriously. Maybe it is because, I look at the students, and part of leadership is duplicating yourself as you duplicate Jesus! I look at our student ministry, and I feel for our ministry to grow, it starts with me as the leader. I want to give you 3 simple ways that help me grow as a leader:

  1. Read, Read, Read– Read as much as possible. Read books about student ministry, leadership, and personal growth! Do not be afraid to read what is out of your box. Also, in the past, books were always the way to go. I read a lot of books, but I read more blogs. I have google reader to keep track of my blogs that I follow. Find out what others are saying about leadership, personal growth, church life, and student ministry. It will challenge you as a leader, and grow you!
  2. Build Relationships– One of the neat things that blogging does is build relationships. Since I began blogging and tweeting, I have been able to connect with many followers. I have connected with student ministry leaders who are doing BIG things for God that I would not have connected with otherwise! Get out of your comfort zone, and try to connect with other youth leaders/pastors!
  3. Blogging– One thing that has challenged me in my leadership and the communication of the vision that God has given me for our student ministry is blogging. I began this blog a little over a year ago, and I have grown as a leader so much since blogging. It has helped me communicate in a more concise and clear way!
  4. Listen to messages & podcast– I listen to several different sermons and podcast throughout the week. I listen to many different sermons throughout the week. I also listen to several leadership and student ministry podcast as well. This will help you and grow you as a leader.

Question: What are you doing to grow as a leader? Go…

Published by Josh Evans

Josh is the connections pastor of the Oakleaf campus of Trinity Baptist Church in Jacksonville, FL. Before that, Josh had been a mentor and pastor to students for 10 years. Josh is passionate about empowering church leaders to make a difference. Josh and his wife Abby have two children. You can connect further with Josh on this blog or send him a direct email at joshhevans@gmail.com.

7 thoughts on “4 Simple Ways to Grow as a Leader

  1. Great post! The thing that has helped me grow the most over the years is reading a bunch of books and blogs. These tools give me training, ideas, and access to people that I wouldn’t have access to otherwise.

  2. Awesome posts! I have also grown a lot as a leader and follower of Christ through blogging and reading abut 2-3 books per month. You have a nice site!

    1. Over time, you just accumulate a list. It takes time. I do not go out & search for new blogs. I am in student ministry groups on Facebook and LinkedIn. I also am on twitter & keep in touch with stumin & youth min hashtags. They lead you to blogs & then you find if they are worth your time. Hope this helps…

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