Freebie Friday: Student Ministry planning calendar

I love giving away free stuff, and I love receiving free stuff. Today, my friends over at seventy8 productions have given me a free resource planning calendar for your student ministry. It is tough to keep track of upcoming events. It is also hard to distribute a calendar to parents that looks sharp. They have provided this calendar that looks good, and will help you in your event planning.

Download the Calendar in a Word Document or a pdf format. 

Here are a few instructions that they have given when editing the calendar:

  • Make sure you change the font color of the date on the calendar.
  • You can edit the background colors of the table’s cells by changing the shading color in “Border & Shading” > “Shading” > “Patterns”.
  • Keep the color coding model because adding any text to the table will extend it beyond it’s left-hand column.

Download the Calendar here: 
Word Document
PDF Document 

About Seventy8 productions: 
“seventy8 Productions is a partnership of Technology and Creative professionals who work in full-time ministry with organizations like Youth for Christ, Campus Crusade for Christ, and local churches. We have a combined 58 years worth of experience in youth ministry and 22 years worth of experience in design, programming, and computer maintenance. It is inspired by Psalm 78. Using modern media (videos, websites, CD’s and DVD’s) creative imaginations, and utilizing new technology to it’s fullest extent possible, we are hoping to reach the next generation of youth with the Gospel. We want you to use all of our content that is free, just give proper credit if you use projects or quote us.”

Connect further with Seventy8 productions: 

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