NEW College Ministry Blog

I was talking with an intern working in our church about his vision and plans for the college ministry of our church. His name is David Sheldon. David is beginning a sick college ministry in our church called, “The Well.” The ministry begins next week. We were chatting about blogging, and I challenged him to create a college ministry blog. We all know that this is one of the crucial yet neglected age groups in the church today. We looked, and did not find many solid college ministry blogs outside of simply youth. So, David created a new college ministry blog that I encourage you to check out! He is stoked about his vision for this blog and the ministry to college students. Subscribe and refer others to his blog today!

Visit David Sheldon’s college ministry blog here!

Connect further with David:

3 thoughts on “NEW College Ministry Blog

  1. The blogs are there you just need to be looking in the right places. Start with Rick Trexler at the North Carolina Baptist Convention. Then contact Linda Osborn at National Collegiate Ministries at Lifeway. Linda can put in touch with the many blogs that are in existence. There is also a church based college ministry group in the sbc called college metro. You are very much not alone in this. I look forward to reading what God is doing with your church and ministry to collegiates.

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