How to use twitter effectively in student ministry

Twitter is an incredible tool for student ministry! I tweet regularly from my personal account (@grovepjosh) and from our student ministry account (@ugbcgrove). I have to admit, when twitter first came out, I was not into it at all. It took me some time before I got into it, kind of like my blogging experience. Now, I am finding it as effective  as any other communication with students. I want to give you a few thoughts about using twitter in your student ministry:

  • Promote your events– I use our student ministry twitter account to promote our events. I schedule tweets using hootsuite for the entire week. On the day of the event, I have scheduled many tweets promoting the event with a countdown, and more. Twitter is the best way to get info out quickly about your events.
  • Learn from others– Honestly, most blogs and articles that I read are referred through twitter. I have google reader, but I read many blogs because someone retweets an article or shares a blog post. It is a great tool for you to glean insight from others, and keep up with what others are doing in ministry.
  • Train your leaders– I share articles on leadership through my blog on twitter. I also share other articles on leadership and specifically student ministry leadership to my leaders through twitter for them to read! It can be used as a great quick training tool for your leadership.
  • Build Relationships– All of these social sites main goal is relationships. They are using these sites as tools for people to connect more with one another. I am starting to connect more with our students on twitter than I am on facebook. More and more of our students are moving from facebook to twitter each day, and it is a great way to connect with them where they are.
  • Share pics and updates on trips for parents/leaders back home– I update pics and status updates through twitter while away on events. I find it easier to do it through twitter, and send it to my facebook.

Twitter is great, and if you are not on there, make sure you get on there. The major negative that I am seeing on twitter is that many parents are behind and not on twitter yet so students are more bold in what they tweet than what they facebook, because most parents, church leaders, and teachers have facebook, but not necessarily a twitter account.

I would love to connect with you on twitter so follow me @grovepjosh. You can also follow our student ministry @ugbcgrove. If you have any further thoughts about using twitter in ministry, please let me know through the comment system below:

3 thoughts on “How to use twitter effectively in student ministry

  1. Hey! I stumbled across your blog (divine intervention, eh?) and it couldn’t have been better timing. I’m currently in the early stages of writing a book on social media and if it’s used effectively to bring the un-churched into the church. Do you have personal stories of anyone who has come to your ministries because of a social media tool?

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