Intentional Student Ministry

If there is one word that I am trying to define our student ministry, it is the word, intentional. I looked the word up in the dictionary, and the definition is extremely simple. It means, “Done on purpose.” I want what we do in student ministry to be done on purpose. Have you ever heard of the idea, “if you do not set a goal, you will hit it every time?” I want goals, and I want to do student ministry in an intentional way so that we can better try to complete the goals that God lies on our hearts. So, how are we doing student ministry in an intentional way?

  1. Plan events/trips with purpose and a desired result– Every trip and event should have a purpose. They should reflect your mission. Our events are divided up into Evangelism, Service, and relationship building. We try to make sure that each event is focused on one of these three things. Some events, we incorporate 2 out of the 3, or 3 out of the 3 purposes. Be intentional with your event planning. Do not just throw an event together without a desired purpose.
  2. Use your lunch time to build relationships and disciple others– Try and schedule lunch appointments to minister and disciple others.
  3. Go to school functions, events, plays, and sporting events– This is so that you can support your students, your local schools, and to meet new students in the community.
  4. Volunteer at your local school– Get in the door however you can! You can slowly get your student ministry name out there.
  5. Speak on subjects that are relevant and applicable to your students– This is obvious, but we are more effective at this thought when we are pouring into the lives of our students. We will then know them better, and be able to speak to them practical applicable principles that they need and can apply to their personal lives.

Question: What are you doing to be intentional in your student ministry?

6 thoughts on “Intentional Student Ministry

  1. Great post man. Intentional is my favorite word. I think the biggest thing we are super intentional about is making sure new students are getting connected. We have a ministry were we get a ton of first/second time students and our team has to be intentional and seeking them out otherwise they fall through the cracks. So our team intentionally seek out those sitting by themselves to talk to them and we give free gifts to those who turn in an info card so we can have their info to get them connected.

    1. Thanks for the input Justin. That does fall through the cracks so often in student ministry but also in church. I would say in our culture, our student ministry is more welcoming than our church. We are getting there though.

      1. I think a lot of places are like that where the student ministry is the more welcoming compared to the main services. It takes some pretty humble leaders to come and model things that are happening in student ministry to bring up to the main. Im happy to work in a place that has done just that.

      2. I agree Justin! I love being in the student ministry where our students and leaders are more welcoming. However, in the main service on Sunday’s, we are striving to get to that same place as well.

  2. The culture at my Church is not Intentional but survival, inward not outward. I say this with love and respect, our Church is slowly going through the process of becoming Intentional. Once the Church is there I believe other ministries like the youth will benefit.

    1. I was at a church that was like that, and now am at a more intentional one in some ministries. I would not say our current church is totally intentional. Our student ministry is getting there though. It is extremely important for the community to see your purpose!

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