7 Tips for following up with visitors

One thing that a growing ministry must be doing well is follow up. How in the world do we follow-up with visitors that attend our student ministry? This past year, I challenged our group to get involved in inviting other students to come. It is easy to get in the routine of who you have, and forget about the ones outside of the walls of your building. We have seen significant growth in our student ministry since the students accepted the challenge of inviting their friends. So, how do you now follow up with them? Here are a few tips on following up with your visitors:

  1. Introduce them to a small group leader– Most visitors that you see visit are invited by someone so allow them to go their friends’ small group. If the visitor is in a different grade or possibly a different gender, try to introduce them to their long term small group leader that night.
  2. Have them fill out a visitor form/card– Make this youth friendly! Have their contact information, but add a few things that students are interested in such as texting, twitter or facebook. Include an address and information about their parents.
  3. Text them a couple of days after their first visit– I always do this, and I program their number in my phone. When I text, I tell them who I am first, and send a generic text saying thanks for coming. Then, I ask how their day is going, etc. I try to keep in touch with them and thank them for attending our student ministry. Also, mention to them that you hope to see them again. Try not to be a salesperson though on your ministry to a new visitor. Get to know them and ask what’s up instead of saying, you need to come to youth group!
  4. Add the student and their parents on facebook– This is always fun for a student to get added on facebook by the youth pastor. It means something to the family when they get added.
  5. Contact the parents– I try to tell the parents, thanks for allowing their student to visit, and find out a little about them as the parents. I try to answer any questions that they may have as well.
  6. Get their small group leader to contact them through texting or facebook– It always helps to get someone else to contact them from your adult leadership team! I normally get a leader to contact the visitor.
  7. Get some students their age to befriend them on facebook and in person when they come back– We can do as much as possible on our end, but if the students are not befriending the visitors, it can only go so far. Target some of your students and encourage them to reach out to the visitors who visit your ministry!

Are you doing something for your visitors that is working? If so, please share it below!

11 thoughts on “7 Tips for following up with visitors

  1. These are really great ideas and if I were a visitor I’d be impressed with your communication and feel very welcomed. My church in PA also does a great job with keeping in touch and welcoming all visitors – it’s one of my favorite aspects.

  2. Great thoughts as always Josh! One thing I am doing to make sure I personally, as the student pastor, am doing to connect with visitors is during small groups I have my own small group of first time visitors. This allows me 15-20 min. with the new students to get to know them a bit and have them fill out a student info sheet. Also, this allows me to share with them a summary of our ministry (when we meet, upcoming events, our online stuff like Twitter/Facebook). However we do it, connecting with and paying attention to visitors is huge!


    1. Austin, that is a great idea for a small group of first time visitors. How does that work with ages, and gender typically? Also, does the attendance in that small group fluctuate depending on the # of visitors that you have each week?

      1. Age and sex doesn’t matter for this “visitors small group” because it’s more of an intro to our ministry and who I am as the student pastor. Like I said, I get them to feel out a info sheet and then tell them what is going on in the student ministry. If we have one visitors, I just take them. If we have 10 visitors, I take all of them. If we have no visitors, I don’t do a small group,

  3. I’m into both adult ministry and student ministry, plus I preach every Sunday too. I live in Brampton, Ontario, serving as the Pastor of the English congregation at Brampton Chinese Baptist church. I’m working hard trying to build up the Jr. and Sr. teens and university fellowships.

    Sounds like you get to focus on student ministry at your church?

    1. Wow, Kevin, you wear a lot of hats in your church and community. I know how that is. I wore a lot at the church that I was at before I came here. Right now, my primary focus is student ministry, and I love it! I love to be able to focus on that age of the church above others even though I am a little involved with other ministries in the church as well.

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