Thoughts on Colton Dixon

If you have been keeping up with the entertainment industry recently, you will know the name, Colton Dixon! Colton was the most recent contestant to be kicked off of American Idol. Now, before I go any further, I am not a huge fan of the show. I actually have not seen any episodes this entire season. I have lost interest in the show over the last few years. Anyway, my wife occasionally watches the show, and she had it on last Thursday! She mentioned that this kid Colton was a believer. Well, for a student pastor, that interested me so I began to watch the show. He was then put in the bottom 3 (the 3 contestants with the lowest number of votes). He then was kicked off. I have never seen the show, but was suddenly screaming at America for this ridiculous move. Ok, I was not going that far, but I was a bit disappointed. We were shocked, because he seemed to be very talented, and popular. It was in that moment of discouragement, I noticed the genuine faith of Colton Dixon. He got down on his knees, and sang the song, “Everything” by the band, Lifehouse! With his arms raised high, he proclaimed that “God was all He wants, He is everything…” Colton did not need the fame that Hollywood had to offer, he wanted Jesus. Colton was a legit Christian, and he used the platform that God gave him for His honor and glory! You know everyone has been given a platform to share Jesus, and so often, we fail at making His name known with our platform. Colton made Jesus’ name famous with the platform that he had been given by God. Here are a few thoughts from Colton’s use of his platform that you can use in yours:

  • Profess Jesus in word, but also in need– You know there are a lot of people who profess Jesus with their mouths, but their lives claim something totally different. If you are going to use whatever platform  God gives you to share your faith with this world, you must profess Jesus in word and in need. You cannot say one thing and do the other. In basic honest terms, do not be a hypocrite.
  • Remember it is about Jesus, not you– If you have never heard the song, everything, it speaks to this point so clearly, and should you look it up right now! In fact click here to hear Colton sing the song. Colton remembered at an incredible large platform that still it was about Jesus, and not himself. We need to make much of Jesus, and allow Him to increase while we decrease.
  • Stay faithful to Jesus– Colton was able to stay faithful to Jesus in the midst of this platform. I have seen many believers stumble when given such a large platform, but it is good to see Colton and several others stay faithful to Jesus no matter if they are a nobody, or if they become somebody! Remember no matter what, it is because you came in contact with somebody, and His name is Jesus!
  • Take every opportunity to praise Jesus– I have seen Colton praise His Lord throughout this entire process.
  • Try to handle adversity in a Godly and classy way
Here are a few thoughts on using the platform that God has given you to reach our world with the Gospel of Jesus!
Connect with Colton via twitter here.

8 thoughts on “Thoughts on Colton Dixon

    1. Jay, I honestly do not watch the show for no reason really. I felt that it was a bit better when the “old judges” were there. It is just my opinion though, and is nothing against the newer judges, but I liked Simon and Paula. It was a different dynamic. I did watch the last episode when Colton was kicked off, and found myself cheering for the kid, because of his faith. Great kid, and seems very genuine, and that was proven in the way he handled and is handling the adversity.

  1. Not stirring the pot, but I think I agree with Dr. Voddie Baucham on this one when he says, “Have you heard there’s another Christian on American Idol? Now before I comment on Colton Dixon’s song choice, let me say emphatically that I do not believe singers, who happen to be Christian, are obligated to sing songs that are overtly “Christian.” However, this guy chose to sing his “favorite worship song of all time,” and it turned out to be Lifehouse’s “Everything.” As I watched him, I couldn’t help but cringe. Here was a picture of everything (pardon the pun) that is wrong with Contemporary Christian Music and the modern “worship” scene.

    The song was:

    1. Christ-less: How do we “worship” Christ without mentioning him (or even his attributes) in a clear way?

    2. Worldly: He looked like a rock star singing a rock song (the hair, the outfit, the demeanor, etc.). Turn down the volume (wait, the song was not biblical or Christian in any way, so you didn’t have to) and he may as well have been singing to a woman.

    3. Romanticized: Even the celebrity coach said the lyric went “right to the heart of a woman.” This is the language of seduction; not worship!

    4. Shallow: There is simply no ‘there’ there. True worship is NOT subjective emotionalism!

    5. Confusing: “How can I be this close to you and not be moved by you?” Close? Are we talking physical proximity? Moved? Moved how? To repentance? To holiness (as opposed to worldliness)? What does it all mean? And why write a worship song that has to be explained? Shouldn’t a worship song explain itself?

    6. Comfortable: The worship of almighty God SHOULD NOT MAKE PEOPLE ON AMERICAN IDOL COMFORTABLE! True worship would have Steven Tyler’s head spinning!

    I’m glad he loves God, and hope he does well. However, had he just sung the song and left it at that, he would have done far more for his witness. Instead, he demonstrated a complete dearth of understanding in regard to true worship. However, he probably garnered millions of votes from Christians (and false professors) who share his sentiment.”

    With that being said, you make a great point in stating we all have a stage, and that Jesus needs to be our main focus in every aspect of life.

    1. I agree with your points about worship, but honestly after watching him, I find it hard to believe that we could judge him for his “rock star look” or whatever. He was on his knees with his hand lifted high singing, “God your all I want, your all I need, your everything…” Yeah, Colton might be doing some things and acting a bit more trendy in his dress than you and I (American Idol will try and get you to look more like that anyway), but where do we start drawing the lines on being judgmental of others who are doing something bigger than we are doing in our own lives. There are going to be things that you do or don’t do, that I do not agree with, but I am not going to criticize or question your spirituality based on my assumption of a list of things. Bottom line, we cannot tell if his heart is in the right place, but it sure looked like it, and until he tells me otherwise, I will not criticize him.

      I actually have students who are doing a powerful drama to this exact song, and it does have a solid message. It has a different message than some, but it does have a message. I have watched our students be used by God through the drama with that exact song. So, I definitely have differing views. I respect and understand your viewpoint, but he has been used to share his faith with more people than you and I will ever come in contact with probably. I respect that, and I also respect that he has come out to say that he is planning on doing Christian music. I’ll buy his record, that’s for sure!

      Appreciate the feedback though, and like always anyone with subjective, critical, or agreeable views are welcome!

      1. What about disagreeable views? 😛 lol. I hear what you are saying and you are right when you say that we don’t know his heart. Whatever the case may be, I think it is important for all of us to remember this one truth: we worship God in spirit and in truth. Not only that, but we encourage one another with psalms, hymns and spiritual songs. May God be our center focus and exalted!

  2. I so love jesus and the song everything by lifehouse and i relly wish colton dixon got my fan later cuz i relly love if he come to buffalo ny to see me sing everything by lifehouse in my church. i so love u colton dixon and jesus he well never trun u or me or anybody now in world .:-):):-]:-|:-}|:-0

  3. Colton Dixon is amazing!!!! I was left in tears after his final performance of “Everything” by Lifehouse on the show that he got eliminated. I believe he will be a huge star. He has the attitude, the voice, the looks, the charm and the amazing fan base!!!!! He is insanely talented and very very very very very cute (OK HE IS JUST PLAIN HOT!!!!!) 🙂 plus he seems like a genuine person. I was enraged when he got voted off and I still am. I LOVE YOU COLTON ❤

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