Today, we are giving away a free complete discipleship volunteer training guide! This is something that is extremely practical for your student ministry or other leadership position. This freebie is brought to you by seventy8productions.

Download the material HERE!

Here is a little bit about their ministry:

“seventy8 Productions is a partnership of Technology and Creative professionals who work in full-time ministry with organizations like Youth for Christ, Campus Crusade for Christ, and local churches. We have a combined 58 years worth of experience in youth ministry and 22 years worth of experience in design, programming, and computer maintenance. It is inspired by Psalm 78. Using modern media (videos, websites, CD’s and DVD’s) creative imaginations, and utilizing new technology to it’s fullest extent possible, we are hoping to reach the next generation of youth with the Gospel. We want you to use all of our content that is free, just give proper credit if you use projects or quote us.”

They provide some excellent resources, and we appreciate everything that they do!

Download the material HERE!


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