5 Reasons you need to blog

Blogging is a great way to share ideas and get your thoughts out on the web for others to see and read. I personally think that blogging is bigger than it has ever been. Several years ago, I created a blog that I thought was legit and awesome, but it went nowhere. I tried to interact with others on the blog, and I tried to keep it updated regularly. I tried to blog as much as possible. It still went nowhere. Today with the social sharing sites that we have, it is much easier to get your blog out there. Now, this post is not about blog traffic or something like that, but why blog? Why do we blog? I was thinking about this, and I wanted to give you a couple of reasons why I blog:

  1. To glorify Christ– Obviously, our main purpose is to glorify Christ! Blogging is a great way to make Jesus name famous throughout the world! It is an opportunity to share the Gospel, and to give God the glory for others.
  2. To articulate my thoughts about my passions– I love student ministry! I am involved and know that God has specifically called me right now in my life to student ministry. It is a passion of mine. I love leadership and church life. These things drive me, and blogging is a way that I can create a database and archive of my thoughts and others’ thoughts on these subjects. Blogging has helped me articulate my thoughts better than ever.
  3. To train and teach others– I am trying to impact youth leaders across the globe, and not just my community. God has a much bigger impact than just your community and church. Blogging is a great way to connect, train, and teach others in our field that you may never meet face to face. Blogging helps your impact go deeper than you may ever know!
  4. To share events– It is another avenue that I try to share our major events. I have several parents, students, and leaders who have subscribed to my blog (shout out to you guys), and they can be reminded about the events going on in our ministry!
  5. To network with others– I have networked with numerous people through my blog. Now, you can do this with facebook and twitter, but I have networked with guys in my field that I would have never met or interacted with if I never decided to start blogging.

Obviously, there are many reasons, but these are just a few of the reasons why I personally enjoy blogging!

4 thoughts on “5 Reasons you need to blog

  1. Dude. Great stuff. I agree with all 5 reasons, all of which I like to blog myself. I find it really helps get stuff out of my hed, otherwise it will be rolling around in there and I wont stop thinking about it until I write it down, and if it happens to help others, awesome. Double wammy. Good stuff. Keep doing it.

  2. Josh,

    Thanks for writing this post! I agree with all five of your reasons and share the same reasons why I blog.


  3. Josh, I enjoyed your blog. I was a youth adviser for many years, and I loved it. Although I am now aged out of the “youth pastor” bracket, I still enjoy watching others carry the torch. God bless you in your ministry. May you reap a large harvest for our Lord.

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