The Youth Ministry Oddcast (@ymOddCast)

Here is a quick resource that I want to share with you. I actually found out about this resource today (late this afternoon). The resource is a youth ministry podcast called: “The Youth Ministry Oddcast.” I am down with listening to podcast so I figured a youth ministry podcast, I will check it out. So, I began downloading some of the podcast, and was very impressed with the student ministry conversations that these guys are having. Here is 4 things that I enjoyed about listening to a few sessions from the Youth Ministry Oddcast this afternoon (BTW: I have subscribed, and will listen regularly):

  1. It is not scripted.
  2. It is real life practical conversations from student ministry guys. The conversations that they are having are conversations that I regularly have with other student pastors. Also, much of what I heard in their podcast was something that I have thought about or read about.
  3. It is given from different perspectives. You will find a middle school pastor, a student ministry professor, and a student ministries missionary. You are given different perspectives. It is not just 3 student pastors discussing ideas.
  4. These guys keep the main thing (The Gospel) at the core of their ideas and conversations.

Download the youth ministry oddcast here!

Follow them on twitter here!

One thought on “The Youth Ministry Oddcast (@ymOddCast)

  1. This is a really good up and coming student ministry podcast. The three guys on this podcast (Chad Watson, Shean Phillips, and Brian Baker) are great guys! I recommend this podcast to anyone who wants practical student ministry advice. I had the opportunity to be on one of their podcasts.

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