Does your church/student ministry need social networking sites?

If you were to ask what is the best way to share information quickly with the largest amount of people. most people will emphatically suggest facebook or twitter. You see I can tweet right now, and immediately send what I am thinking to hundreds of people. I can post something on facebook and immediately get hundreds of people’s attention as well. The question that I want to ask is does your church or student ministry really need social networking sites to be effective? Here are some thoughts on the subject:

  1. Social media does not change lives Do not get too wrapped up in your social networking platform that you forget that the Gospel is really what changes lives. We need to always keep the main thing the main thing, and not get too concerned about the program or the fads that we forget to focus on what really matters.
  2. Social Media sites can be used to share the Gospel– The key is that social networking sites can be used as a tool to share the Gospel. It is not Gospel, but it is a great way to share the Gospel. What I mean by that is too many student pastors focus on how cool they can make their facebook, but in reality, they neglect sharing the Gospel.
  3. Social Media is a quick way to share information about events– I use our twitter and facebook accounts for events. I schedule many posts to go out each week with important information regarding upcoming student ministry events. Use your sites to get information out quick. Students, parents, and leaders may not respond to your posts regularly, but you will be surprised how many people actually see what is going on in your student ministry through these sites.
  4. Social media can be used to evangelize. Use hashtags and invite others to become a fan of your page on facebook. This is a great way to get new people informed about what you are doing in the community. It can open up many ways to share the Gospel with someone.
  5. Social media can help you build relationships– This is the way that students and most adults are communicating these days. You have to connect with them where they are, and social networking sites is where they are. Use your sites to connect with your students and their families. When you have a visitor, add them on facebook and get to know more about them. Now, do not stalk them, but connect and build relationships with them through these social sites. You can read and comment on their posts, send messages, and even chat with them.

So, does your church need social networking? I would say, yes. It is a great tool that can be used to share the Gospel with others, evangelize your community, and even connect the people you already have. If you have any further thoughts, please feel free to comment.

2 thoughts on “Does your church/student ministry need social networking sites?

  1. Before I came to this ministry position, I worked for a summer camp in Texas where we used Facebook ALOT!!! It was our tool that we used to keep the campers engaged with camp throughout the off season. Now that I am North Dakota, many (probably half) of our youth don’t have Facebook accounts and it is hard to get those who do have it to actually check it. I have found that Facebook is a means to have conversations through its messenger. I have found that sending eNewsletters to parents have worked for us. This way the parents know what is going on as well.

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