Sorry for Slacking on my blog lately…

Okay, some of you are probably wondering why I have not blogged here recently. Well, some of you probably do not care that much about what I have to say, so therefore, you were not wondering at all. That is fine, but I have been insanely busy here lately. Our pastoral intern/media guy has taken a pastoral position in Ohio, and I have been doing his job as well as mine for the past few weeks. Therefore, my time for blogging has decreased. I do apologize, and I promise that I am getting things back up and going. In fact, I have spent some time this afternoon writing several posts, and hopefully, I can stay consistent with sharing my thoughts on leadership, student ministry, and church life.

To my followers, I appreciate you following and subscribing. If you have not subscribed, I would encourage you too so that you can stay up to date with some practical thoughts on church life, student ministry, and leadership. I have put together some practical thoughts coming over the next week so I encourage you to look back, and refer the thoughts to others. Also, if you do not follow me on twitter, I would encourage you to do so as well. I also accept many friend requests on facebook so hopefully we can connect further than just the blogging network.

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