Student Ministry Event Idea- Geocache

How many of you have ever heard of Geocache? This is a legit event idea for your students. We have done this with our students, and they love it. Here is my review of the game:

What is Geocache? It is (in a nutshell) an electronic scavenger hunt. You have to have a smart phone or a handheld GPS. People all over the country have started hiding geocache’s for people to find. Some of them are big and some are small. By the way, it is not money, many people think that it is money, but it is not. It can be a little old school film case, or as big as an army box. Inside you will find something for you to sign saying that you found it, and some you will need to leave something random in the box.

How to Geocache? The easiest way is to download the app from the apple store or the Android market. When you download the app, you open it to find the 3 closest geocache’s that are too your location. You can navigate to it, and it will immediately begin to show you how to get there. You can look at the compass view or the roadmap view. It will lead you there, and tell you exactly when you are close. Each geocache gives a description, and most give you a hint in finding it. When you find it, you sign the paper in the geocache, and go and find another one.

Why Geocache? I like it because it is cheap! It is free to do. You can have a geocache party, and just charge prize cost and food cost. It also is fun for the students. They enjoy looking for something random, and going out with another to try to find it. It is a challenge to them.

Helpful ideas in planning a large geocache event:

  • Have groups of 6– If you can have groups of 6, I have found that this is the best. If you have much less than this, it gets to be no fun, and too many is not fun either. 6 is a great number for a group.


  • Start each group in a different area. Each group needs to be at least 15-20 minutes apart to make it work or each team will be going after the same geocache, and running into each other. Have a plan to start them in different areas of town.


  • Have a time limit– Set a time for each group to return back, and deduct points for every minute that they are late. This gives them an incentive to make sure that they are on time.


  • Have each group take photos of their entire group with the geocache

2 thoughts on “Student Ministry Event Idea- Geocache

    1. I downloaded the Geocache Intro app by Groundspeak. It works really well, but because this became a big thing, I decided to buy the exact app, but the $9.99 paid version, because it shows you much more. Hope this helps.

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