Growth in 2012

As we approached the year 2012, I began to pray about some goals and direction for our student ministry. I began to look at where God wants us to be when we are approaching 2013, and how we can get there. I shared with our student ministry last Wednesday our vision for the new year. The buzz word for the year is GROW! So, here are some areas that I want our student ministry and yours to grow in 2012:

        I.            Grow our love for the Word of God If you look at Acts 2, you see the start of the church. We see in verse 42, that they continued or devoted themselves to the apostles doctrine. This means their teaching. The Word that was being taught was their primary focus for being at church. I want to grow my focus for the Word this year. I want to love the Word more than I do now, and I want to become more knowledgeable of the Word, and learn to live the Word more than I do now. This should be the prayer for our students! The Word is what will change their life, not your program. So, focus on the Word, and make this come alive to them this year.

      II.            Grow our love for people Luke 19:10 says, “For the Son of Man is come to seek and to save that which was lost.” This year, I want to grow a love for people in our students. I want ALL of us to be intentional about reaching people this year. I set a goal for our students to get one unsaved/unchurched person to our student ministry this year!

    III.            Grow our love for this small community Acts 2 shows us that they were part of a small community. I actually wrote a blog a couple of days about the importance of teaching students to be a part of the local community at your church. You can check it out here. I challenged our students to get further connected than ever before in our local church! Be a part of our Bible fellowship class, and our small groups that we offer here. Go all in for these groups. Make ourselves vulnerable for the sake of community. Learn to share your heart and your life with others. I challenged every student to find someone who they do not know well in our student ministry, and get to know them this year.

    IV.            Grow our love for serving Challenge your students this year to grow in their love for serving. Find other people’s needs, and try to use your gifts and talents to meet their needs. We do a program called Teens Involved that helps train students to use their spiritual gifts for the glory of the Lord. I challenged more students to sign up this year so that we can grow in service and learn to love serving others. I want our student ministry to be the hands and feet of Jesus in our community.

      V.            Grow stronger in our faith Hebrews 11:1 says, “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” I asked our students, What is one thing that seems impossible to you? I want you to do the same. Answer that question, and then believe that God will make it possible and a reality this year! God is the God of the impossible. He specializes in impossible situations.

Here are a few thoughts about growth in 2012. I hope that we can GROW together!


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