Thoughts on Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow is arguable the most scrutinized NFL player, EVER! Honestly, I would venture to say that he is the most scrutinized and criticized NFL player ever. It does not matter how many games he wins, he will be criticized for the fact that on the surface, “he is not an NFL quarterback.” According to his numbers and stats, he is not a good NFL quarterback. Now, if you remember at Florida, he became arguably the greatest college player the game has ever seen. He was definitely the most decorated in terms of championships, wins, and Heisman trophy winner. Then, began the discussion of if he could be an NFL quarterback. I remember listening to the commentators, and finding that hardly any of them thought that he would be an NFL quarterback. I actually do not remember anyone thinking positive about his future in the NFL as quarterback. He did end up getting drafted by the Denver Broncos in the first round (25th overall).

This season, the Broncos were struggling, and they named Tim Tebow the starting quarterback. He immediately made a difference and went on a 6-1 streak, and got them into the playoff hunt. He indeed made the playoffs after an interesting series of events. Their first playoff game was this past Sunday night against the Pittsburg Steelers who had the best defense in the NFL statistically. The Broncos won in overtime after a Tim Tebow pass to Demaryious Thomas for 80 yards for the win. Now, I am not here to defend Tim as a player or as a quarterback. I am here to give you a few thoughts on Tim and his life:

  1. Tim has been given a platform and is using it– His faith has never wavered. He always mentions the Lord in his interviews, and is one of the most genuine people who I have ever seen. Like it or not, God has blessed him with a platform to share his faith with people. Now, before you begin to think, I do not think that God is in Heaven blessing the Broncos and helping them win. I do not think that He has put extra angels in the end zone for the Broncos. I do believe that Tim is staying faithful to God, and therefore, God is continuing to give him a platform to share his faith. My thought is this, if Tim is given one of the largest platforms there is to share his faith, and he is doing it and staying faithful, how are we doing with the platform that God has given us? God has chosen to give all of us a platform in a different area, and it is our responsibility to stay faithful to Him in sharing our faith with others and making His name famous on the platform that He is given. We as believers must continue to pull for Tebow not just in the win column, but in that he will stay faithful to God in sharing his faith just like we would cheer for anyone around us who is sharing their faith with their individual platform!
  2. Tim handles adversity in a classy and Godly way– I feel that he has responded to the scrutiny regarding his football ability as well as the criticism he has received about his faith in a classy and Godly way. He responds out of love and in the Spirit. He never responds in anger, and he never appears to strike back at the critic. We can learn from this. We tend to struggle striking back at our critics in the platform that we have been given! Do not allow your critic to determine your destiny. Do not listen to them, but listen to God who says that all things are possible through Him.
  3. Tim takes every opportunity to praise Jesus– We can learn from Tim. After every win, he praises Jesus, after every good pass, He praises Jesus. He praises Jesus when he is criticized. Now, he is not perfect, but how often do you praise Jesus and give Him the glory that He deserves? We need to learn to praise Jesus no matter what circumstance that we are in. He praises Him in the good and the bad, and so should we!

4 thoughts on “Thoughts on Tim Tebow

  1. My favorite Tebow moment this season was when he was asked if he thought that God helped him win, and he responded that he believed that God had more important things to be concerned with on a Sunday afternoon. Great perspective.

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